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  1. Toms Wheels

    Bridgeport Series I 2Jhead power drawbar extension for Right Angle Adapter use - ideas?

    About 5 years ago I posted how I addressed this issue. I removed the drive gear from the RA head.Turned down the shaft above the RA support bearing, and left a stub about 1.5: and then machine two flats. Using a R8 collet, machined to match the shortened input shaft. So now just install the...
  2. Toms Wheels

    10EE VFD wiring suggestions for ELSR and drum switch

    My 1960 EE with ELSR.I converted 15+ years ago. Now has VFD and 5HP 3 phase motor.. Here is the wiring I used, Push pull knob turns on VFD. The apron F/R lever sets direction, down FWD, Up REV. The linkage in the ELSR box . from the Enable micro switches. This to the VFD direction input...
  3. Toms Wheels

    Bridgeport EZ Path II Encoder issue

    I would first replace battery, if this has just started. Its buried on the boards, you have to remove that one and solder in a new one. Call ProtoTrak, they are helpful.
  4. Toms Wheels

    romi ez path bridgeport lathe

    Yes the battery is soldered in. It is not difficult just be careful with the plastic ribbon strips. It does not loss programing when removed.
  5. Toms Wheels

    WTB BoreMate boring facing attachment

    I have one, totally disassembled. Planned to modify into an easy mount system. Never completed. PM if interested.
  6. Toms Wheels

    RFQ: gun drilling

    Grove appears to be history, Phone disconnected, no response from email. Found: Crystal Precision in IL.
  7. Toms Wheels

    burgmaster 1d drill press

    Burgmaster Yeah little info available. So I changed the drive because the belt was not available. After assembling the system I took out my Chinese photo tachometer ($15) and made a new speed chart. I have the Ob model. They all work much the same, damn handy.
  8. Toms Wheels

    RFQ: gun drilling

    I have a job that needs a .250 thu hole 12" long. Material is Ti,1" OD just one piece. PM Quote I can supply material no Certs.
  9. Toms Wheels

    Best method of removing valve seats from Aluminum cylinder heads...

    We had a tool, hand powered, arbor stuck into the valve guide, tool dropped over, and a cutter would cut a groove around the inside of the seat insert, an expanding multi jawed puller would catch the groove, and jack it out. All hand powered, just a couple minutes per seat. mount the head in a...
  10. Toms Wheels

    Prototrak controls Wanted

    Needed is the servo Amplifier from the Black Box.Its a PC board in the fan cooled box. Will purchase dead or working controls, let me know what you have. models are Prototrak, Plus, CNC, CNC2. 1985=2003 vintage.
  11. Toms Wheels

    1965 BP Series I Quill Downfeed Question!

    At the bottom of the depth rod (threaded with depth adjuster) is a small link shaped like a bent elbow. The link has a pivot pin, and a very small set screw. that set screw is the adjustment for the kick off rod (rod behind the inch scale. There is no lock nut for this #4 set screw, so it backs...
  12. Toms Wheels

    Anyone taken a Walker Ceramax mag chuck apart?

    As already mentioned separating the magnet cluster from the top plate is the bear in this job. Mine was very rusted due to coolant leaking in over the decades. I made a rail around the top plate (wooden) then used long clamps to pull the magnet cluster off the top plate. Great chuck but the cam...
  13. Toms Wheels

    Motor RPM clarification

    I have done what the OP is considering. A 5HP Black Max motor 1800rpm, with OEM gearbox 6:1 ratio. I changed the original spindle pulley from a 5" to 7". I rarely run above 2K rpm, But the motor tops out a 4500rpm, which would be 4k rpm spindle. Uses a Hitachi vfd, conversion done 14 years ago.
  14. Toms Wheels

    FS KDK tool post w/ 152 and 156

    Those holders can be purchased for $100 each NEW. So top of 60 used, not modified. And a broken tool holder about the same. Just a fact.
  15. Toms Wheels

    Myford Grinder Coolant Pump

    FS: Myford coolant pump 220V 3Ph. Works fine, I have the tank and mount as well, but shipping would be $$. If you buy the pump, tell me if you want to tank and mount. $65.00 + Shipping
  16. Toms Wheels

    WTB Hardinge HLV Carriage Motor

    There appears to be a couple guys parting out HLV's on ebay. There are Taiwan HLV clones around, sold by Sharp Grizzly others. A new Hardinge motor would be $$$WOW.
  17. Toms Wheels

    weird grinding spindle

    It sounds like the spindle was disassembled, and the spring washer not installed, or installed incorrectly. For sure not a normal thing to have, given the application.
  18. Toms Wheels

    Wanted - Harig 618 surface grinder wheel guard

    I have one, let me dig it out and I'll post photos. Here is the wheel guard, no cracks or welds. $225 including shipping
  19. Toms Wheels

    Wtb Volstro rotary milling head

    The driving collet is not an actual collet, it is the top portion of an extended end mill holder. Cut off the bottom portion that would hold the EM, and bore the top piece to fit the stub on the input shaft. You insert the driving collet imto the spindle, run it tight, then extend the quill...
  20. Toms Wheels

    Wtb Volstro rotary milling head

    I made two piece input shafts for both the Volstro and the RA Head.Not splined, just a notch in a collet for drive. The input shaft needs to be a slip fit into the collet, as the gears create a side loading on the input shaft.