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    Looking for wiring information ( module drive 1979 inch/metric)

    If you email monarch with your serial # they might send you the wiring diagrams. They have for me before. Jeff
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    The Hunt: 1957 Series 61 16x54

    Sweet machine and great story!
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    Gearbox rebuild

    Fantastic work. Thanks for posting the pics!. Us the white paint on the inside a special type?
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    Rivett 1020S Restoration

    Nice!!! Looks fantastic jon!!
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    New to me 30 inch 10ee

    Must be the view. I'm not 6ft and I can reach it just fine.
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    New to me 30 inch 10ee

    David, I didn't get the metric gears. I noticed the plaque as well. I didn't see the gears on the purchase order though. One thing I forgot to check was to open the cover where the change gears go to see if it has any of the metric change gears installed. I'll do that next time I get a chance. Jeff
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    New to me 30 inch 10ee

    I have 3. this 30 incher a 1965 20 incher with original modular drive, elsr, taper, factory 5c closer, and accumulator dial. And a 1988 imperial/metric 20 incher with taper, separate reverse speed dial, and original regenerative solid state drive.
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    New to me 30 inch 10ee

    Here's the purchase info from monarch. @Cal Haines
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    New to me 30 inch 10ee

    Picked up another 10ee over the weekend. 1971 30 inch Monarch 10EE. Drive system removed and replaced with the Beel drive at some point and it's not working so I'll have to figure that out..but hey....30 inch with taper and elsr....can't complain. The cross slide has a fair amount of slop and...
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    Rivett 1020S Restoration

    Looking fantastic!!!
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    WTB Kurt D30 and ord D40 vise.

    Harry, I have a D40. I'll send you pics. Jeff
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    For Sale ! ! !

    No problem. Thanks for responding. Jeff
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    For Sale ! ! !

    Is there a date on it? Any chance you can make a nice clean scanned copy b4 sending to sneebot? I'd definitely like a copy. Jeff
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    Rivett Carriage Question

    Nice lathe!! Did you scrape the ways or is that original? Jeff
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    12 inch D1-8 and 10" A6 chuck

    Yeah, it's my friend that picked up my stuff and he shipped me a vise and other stuff but not these.
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    12 inch D1-8 and 10" A6 chuck

    A couple chucks that came in a lot i bought that i dont need. Local Chicagoland pickup! 12” d1-8 10” A1-6 (not certain) See pictures for condition. The D1-8 chuck might clean up. The A6 chuck is pretty rough. Maybe Repurpose for welding fixture etc ? $80 for the pair. Thanks Jeff
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    Rivett 1020S for Sale

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    Two 1970 Modulars for $1000!!

    Didn't last long lol