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    FS: Charmilles D10 EDM, Ram Sinker Type Benchtop Machine w. Accupro DRO, Swiss made PRICE: $750

    Is a 40hp RPC. It mainly runs a VMC, hence the size. It also runs the sinkers, but I have never run all 3 at the same time. Just the small manual Eltee and the VMC together. A buddy of mine ran his Fanuc wire, and my Eltee off a Phase Perfect. (10hp IIRC).
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    Sodick AQ35l auto-home issue

    Appears that the Z-brake is not always getting air from the solenoid valve, on power-up. Or the 24V is not always at the solenoid, reliably. Eventually it (the brake) opens, but not initially. It is such a simple electro-pneumatic circuit. Anyone ever seen this issue? The Z-brake shaft has...
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    Sodick AQ35l auto-home issue

    Unfortunately, I AM the service tech. Closest Sodick tech is 8 hours from here, and not really sure there are any other sinkers in the general area. We have been getting decent phone/e-mail support from Sodick. But since there are no published wire diagrams, or service manuals for this machine...
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    System 3R ATC cable pinout on Sodick Sinker

    The ATC cable got damaged during shipping. Cable wires pulled straight out of the connector. Sodick & 3R only have a partial pinout diagram. (And of course the diagrams do no match). Can someone with a 3R ATC on a 2000-2005 Sodick sinker take a couple pictures of the J2 & J3 connectors with the...
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    Is a tip to another shop's workers appropriate for end of major job?

    Pay for sending over a food truck. Let them know in advance.
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    getting out a blind hardened dowel pin...suggestions?

    I thought of weld/pull also. But now that you have one out, can you ballpark the angle and drill from 180° & drive it out?
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    Fanuc Beginner Questions Kitamura Sonic Mill 3X with 15M Control

    8000 programs are macros. Sometimes these also control the ATC) 9000 programs are internal custom programs. (Usually M-code, etc.. ) In order to download they both need to be enabled to display on your control. There are several Fanuc experts that can show which Fanuc 15MA parameters need to be...
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    Sodick EDM programming

    AQ35L. It would be useful to see some basic programs. The code that LNassist puts out is very difficult to follow.
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    Programming R-head on Sodick Sinker AQ

    On the LN-1 they changed it to M8: on, M9: off. Sxx is speed. M7: spindle lock. This only works in MDI. But how do we integrate that into the LN assist created program, without having to manually edit the code? And where in the spagetti code that LNa creates? If running the ATC with multiple...
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    what does A mean in G code

    Normally, Axxx.x is just the 4th axis angle move. But yours is missing the decimal after the 150, AND on a G42 makes no sense for most controllers.
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    Programming R-head on Sodick Sinker AQ

    On a Sodick LN1, How do we program the R-head spindle for a rotary burn? Do we manually add a spindle RPM in the code page before NC generation? If yes, what would that code look like? The manual is not very clear on how to use the R head in rotary motion, or even input RPM speed. I can manually...
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    Phase converter rated below motor size - how big of a problem is this

    Call Phase Perfect. Most RPC's are "uprated". Meaning they can handle much higher startup HP loads than the nameplate. On a CNC lathe, the spindle startup is the high current spike. Until you are running at max RPM, or really heavy cuts. We had a 5hp PP, but was on a Wire EDM, so cannot compare...
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    Yasnac J300 dripfeeding stop randomly

    It should already be formatted. If not, any older PC that has a PCMIA flash drive will format it FAT32 IIRC. All my Windows laptops will read it. You can upload/download (rs-232 or ethernet) large files to the flash memory, using a 5character ( O12345) filename, but you cannot edit files in it...
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    OT optimal cutting speed and feed rate for lawn mower blades?

    I too have more time than should admitted to ruminating on this topic. Just do not start considering brazing carbide tips onto your blades. Yes, considered that myself as I really hate the blade sharpening effort.
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    Yasnac J300 dripfeeding stop randomly

    We did it ourselves. On the memory page do you have ~2M available on the upper ram? The lower is the flash drive, typically 8 or 16M. You CAN load/run large files from the flash ram, but is more complicated, and has limitations.
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    Sodick AQ35l auto-home issue

    Pretty sure the x-axis brake suffered some damage during shipping. (The spindle shipping bracket failed). I can hear the brake squeeking/fighting during x-axis moves. How can I find the relay that actuates the x-brake? Also, the Y-axis + limit (from autohome) is about 2" too short from where I...
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    Designing hinges for strength

    Pretty sure the aviation stuff is designed internally from 60 year old designs. Ex: A lot of carrier aircraft use folding wings. Axial loading is just shear loading in a different plane.
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    Designing hinges for strength

    You might find more hinge design data in a book, not Google. A lot of old school design resources have not been captured by the net. I am also a designer, and as inconvenient as it is, books are a much better resource for certain things. Have you found any hinge calculators on the major hinge...
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    Sodick EDM programming

    Total noob: Getting familiar with Sodick programming. Basic questions: 1. What is error E0087: Target position not set(G30) 2. In MDI, how do I execute the program (cycle start) 3. Can someone please post a very basic program, just basic x,y,z moves?