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    Huaweis Ban and the reprocustions

    Honestly you serious, kinda the experts in the field, or like it always has been the telecoms companies. but your seriously suggesting we should leave the major technical aspects of major infrastructure to a electorate that can just about mash out a tweet?
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    Huaweis Ban and the reprocustions

    Honestly, i want the best, i honestly don't give one fuck who it is, just want the best. At this point sorry but im as certain as i can be someone is going to have there finger in the pie. That said, 5G is just a transmission protocol. You think 5G is bad, you want to look at how many scams...
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    Source for backup batteries for 1980 Mori Seiki SL-2B lathe, Yasnac 2000G control?

    ^ Follow std practice and just check the pin out, pretty much all these connectors the pin - socket gets crimped onto a wire then slipped into the plastic housing, its not uncommon for em to be wrong from new! So always confirm. More than a few of the header style pin terminals can be easily...
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    The liimits or how tough can you speak.

    I think its more than fair to say Pre Spinit the Vacancy was well advertised and very few others wished to apply.
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    Huaweis Ban and the reprocustions

    Yeah im not saying its not also anti competitive, if you ever follow the grubbier side of apple you see them colluding with all sorts of goverment agencies to restrict imports of legitimately purchased apple parts (google Louise Rossman) amoungst other less than dubious activities. Honestly if...
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    Identifying small drill sizes? (when they end up all over the floor!)

    Honestly it goes fast with a digital vernier, but i only have 0.1mm increment drill sets. if your trying to split drills beyond that and i know some of the letter number weirdness ones get eye wateringly close its going to be a major pain in the ass, but realy all depends on just how perfect you...
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    Huaweis Ban and the reprocustions

    Not sure who has been following the ongoing spat between the USA and the company Huaweis, From the tech side i do not get it, any one making any kinda electronic device can make back doors into it, its a well known fact most encryption protocols and hardware made in the "democratic" world has...
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    Lubriplate 105 alternative?

    My 1986 Bridgeport Textron who i believe took it over from adcock and shiply over here in the uk is a complete miss mash of fasteners. Plenty of BA stuff in the electrical cabinet on it, the rest of the machine seams to have used damn near any and everything, as was pretty typical of 1970-80's...
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    Does she have the power?

    IMHO there a bit fine tooth count wise, i like a SEHT 2" has 4 inserts 3" one has 5 inserts if i remember right. IMHO you kinda have more inserts cutting than you need - can power with thoes. I will say my Bridgeport does well with the 2" one in steel, they really shift some metal and are very...
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    OT: 12V Solenoid/Contactor Preference

    Gotta add im strongly opposed to SSR's, i seam to swap more broken ones of thoes than i ever do relays and because they nearly all fail on they often cause hell and all damage too. I see a lot of burn out motors and damaged gear boxes do to them jamming on, on wood chip industrial heating...
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    Scotch Brite Flap wheel cutting

    ^ Why worn out grinding wheels are free and alu oxide abrasive the stuff in scotch brite tends to blunt carbide pretty fast. Coarser alu oxide just rips it off in a nice smooth manner, you need to try it. Its not like you need to dress them to perfection either, they soon take the shape off the...
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    Scotch Brite Flap wheel cutting

    Honestly, i have shaped em with just simple old broken bits of brick and such, bits of broken grind wheel work well, Not sure your going to be able to turn em with out tearing them, how ever sharp you make the HSS it won't be 2 secounds later!
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    Orphaned controls, best to retro.

    Honestly your and my idea of a good control differs, i like freedom to chose and have little more qualms with changing controls than i do changing vices on the machine table. Equally i own my machines to make me money to spend on nice things, not more ugly out of date OEM style cnc machines...
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    The liimits or how tough can you speak.

    Good forums generally have a pretty clear line and should not need all that much reinforcing. Personally i hate the notion that the subjects this very forum is about can be meaningfully discussed with out politics, like it or not but your local politicians can really fuck up your trade - income...
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    Huge Air Compressors

    No, most larger machinery running that kinda bearing would have its own small motor and lube oil pump, often with a cooler too. Pretty std on all sorts of power generation turbines too.
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    Huge Air Compressors

    Nope not really, centrifugal s you can just spin em with the inputs closed, once the airs out they are just a spinning mass, most float on hydrodynamic bearings, so there really is no wear and tear in idleing. Power draws can be a hell of a lot smaller under no load than you would expect too.
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    Blast from the past - Brexit

    Gerbils don't really like beer - pretty much any fluid based drink, so not sure they would appreciate that. Now chocolate is something the do like. so will tell em once they have finished the goons they will be owed a bar of chocolate from Unclel Miguels, don't worry they don't seam to care what...
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    Best auto darkening helmet?

    Yeah, hes been a nice kind dead helpful chap and done a load of nicely written reviews of a bunch of diffrent helmets just to help us. If only other forum members could do something usefull? That said anyone seen gordon lately?
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    Blast from the past - Brexit

    Not going to make much difference soon, we have a goverment in power that ignores a publicly held vote, we are watched harder than ever and the first major internet controls are coming, if you honestly think they will stop there your delusional. The Conservatives have never liked the freedoms of...
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    Best Right Angle Head for everyday use

    Honestly for the cost one of the cheap chinese spindles might be a great proof of concept, there readily available in the 2-3kw range and that should grind plenty hard with a 3.5" wheel. If that works there plenty of alternatives out there in the same form factor but with quality internals and...