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  1. peter08

    making a tamper resistant torx socket?

    torx broach Thanks Perry, good ideas.
  2. peter08

    making a tamper resistant torx socket?

    torx broach I know this post is ancient, but I've had some requests for this item recently. Our Slater version of the torx broach currently does not have a hole in the center, but I think the main issue is how to drill a donut shaped hole (or groove) deep enough to accept the chips. If the hole...
  3. peter08

    Knurling tools $$$ and which ones to buy

    Knurling Tools The KTC- series are Slater's most popular Knurling Tool Holders.
  4. peter08

    7/16 hex broach wanted

    hex broach Do you have an old one? They can often be re-sharpened if they're not chipped.
  5. peter08

    Where can I get a broach for this D-slot? (pic)

    You can also check with Slater Tools (slatertools.com), they will tell you if it can be rotary broached or not.
  6. peter08

    FarmAll gear source/info

    I was going to suggest rotary broaching, but if it's over 1" dia. it's usually too big for that.
  7. peter08

    Rotary broaching or alternative

    re: Rotary Broach Looks like you really know your pricing. Slater #506-379 3/8 Hex Broach is $56.75, but the tips on centering are probably the best advice. I've seen too many broaching projects get fouled up when one end is off-center. Peter
  8. peter08

    Noob with broach and retaining ring groove Q's

    re: Noob broach Mikah, We make our standard broaches with hardened M2 tool steel. So before you dish your key do a hardness check on your hex stock. Try to use the hardest one if possible. You probably already knew that, but I'd thought I'd try to offer something constructive. I have a couple...
  9. peter08

    Square hole, how to produce?

    rotary broach Rotary broaching produces a similar result to mortising. video: www.slatertools.com/video.htm
  10. peter08

    WTB: Used broaching set (cheap)

    Cheaper Broaches Last resort: I know this isn't exactly what you have in mind, and you may already do this too, but for the sake of thinking outside the box: you might also try to look for some videos online. Slater's rotary broaching video is unique, but I'm sure you could find some...
  11. peter08

    Rotary broach. Practical advice needed.

    This is a tricky question because thrust required for broaching is so application specific, depending on the depth of the hole for instance. In general, the 3760 series can handle a 1/4" form in stainless, and 1/2" form in some alloy steels. However, the depth and pre-drill make a huge...
  12. peter08

    Rotary Broaching question

    re: Rotary Broaching Kingston, these guys have it right on. The rotary broach holder will work in the tailstock or the spindle. Basically, one end needs to be turning, either the work end or the tool end. If you have questions, ask for Jeff at Slater Tools, he's really good with the technical...
  13. peter08

    Broaching on CNC mill?

    Broaching on a CNC Mill? This video shows a Rotary Broach holder and dog in a CNC mill. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BVBrbeQgfHI
  14. peter08

    Broaching on CNC mill?

    broaching 5/10, if you were considering rotary broaching, those sizes are too large for standard tooling, maybe a shaper style operation would be best
  15. peter08

    Westec '09

    re: Westec More traffic today at the Slater booth. (including more individuals who knew what a broach tool was!) I overhead a couple groups talking about machines they had just purchased at the show.
  16. peter08

    Westec '09

    re: Westec I agree, we only had a fair amount of traffic at the Slater Tools booth yesterday. It wasn't bad for the first day of a show, but I'm hoping for more today.
  17. peter08

    OT? Anyone going to WESTEC?

    Westec 2009 Our company, Slater Tools, is going as a vendor, this is our first time in many years.
  18. peter08

    Empire bit the sand?

    timely post Thanks for the update Ox, very timely post.
  19. peter08

    Ideas on cutting internal hexes

    internal hexes The Slater Catalog shows the dimensions for making the broaches too.
  20. peter08

    sinking spline holes

    re: rotary broaching This form would create too much pressure for rotary broaching. Most rb applications are shallow, 1" max. depth Stainless is tough material for rotary broaching over .75 dia" The ideal tooth height for rotary broaching a spline is about .010-.025. Not trying to bum you out...