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    How much has cold calling / knocking on doors improved your sales?

    I know that the "How do I find work" posts are pretty beaten down at this point so I tried to rephrase it into a more specific question. My shop is struggling to find enough work and I'm not sure where to go from here. I've tried emailing companies in my area that I think have machining needs...
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    ERP systems

    They're transparent about pricing on their website. Starting at $650/month. I've heard it's useful even for a 1-man shop, but I don't see it.
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    Receiving the same RFQ from 2 customers

    I've been on the other end of this and in my case, the person in your shoes was up front with me and told me straight up that they had already quoted this for the end customer. Don't know if this is the right call, but I appreciated the honesty. I agree with what Ox said.
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    Procedure for when penetrant inspection gets rejected

    I had a batch of 350 of these fairly simple knurled parts that went out for penetrant inspection per BAC 5423 and my supplier just got ahold of me saying all 350 parts had been rejected due to "Tears". I've sent a bunch of parts out for penetrant inspection (including these same parts in the...
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    Drawing/Model discrepancies disrupting our schedule

    My shop keeps running into minor discrepancies between customer drawings/models, or drawings that are just missing little bits of information. Some random examples we've ran into recently- Drawing calls for a .015 corner radius +/-.005 but it's modeled at .031". Drawing calls out a true...
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    Ink for backfilling engraving on acrylic parts?

    This isn't really machining related so I apologize if I'm not allowed to post, but here's my predicament. I have a customer that wants us to turn a bunch of clear acrylic parts and he wants a .005" (width/depth) crosshair engraved on one end, and then backfilled with some sort of black ink. I...
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    Delrin Rod - Best Place to Buy?

    Interstate Advanced Materials (previously known as Interstate Plastics). Great prices. Just make sure to call/email one of their sales staff as they will be able to offer much better prices than what is shown on their website.
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    Any general advice for machining Magnesium?

    I might've screwed up by accepting a job cut from magnesium AZ61 without fully understanding the risks. Only 15pcs but they're fairly large (2.25 x 5.50 x 25.375), so there's going to be a ton of chips. I've read a lot of conflicting information online, but here's what I've got so far. - Class...
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    Training in the workplace

    We've had significantly better luck training newbies rather than hiring experienced machinists. We prefer it at this point. We don't really have a full on organized training program though. We like to start them off as shop helpers/deburr, and then during the slower times we will have them...
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    Making the switch to ProShop - who has advice?

    I can't recommend ProShop enough. We switched from JobBoss in 2018 and it's been a game changer for us especially on the scheduling side of things. For reference we are smaller shop, 15 employees & 11 machines. If you do any aerospace work or plan on it in the future I highly recommend their...
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    Where to sell leftover Nylatron 66 SA FST sheets?

    In 2019 our shop purchased a mill batch of Nylatron 66 SA FST sheets through Mitsubishi (.75" x 24 x 120) for some aerospace work that dried up due to covid. We have 16 full sheets that cost us $2,383/ea. I'm looking for somewhere to sell it if anyone has a recommendation.
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    Doosan DNM 200/5AX Mastercam Post

    We just got a new Doosan DNM 200/5AX machine and having a heck of a time finding a mastercam post for it. Anyone happen to have one they'd be willing to share? :D We use Mastercam 2020 but I don't know that the version matters.
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    Bad luck hiring experienced employees

    This is certainly a tricky one. We're in Idaho which has been booming like crazy.. COL has been going up and up but wages haven't caught up yet. All the posts on indeed in my area are offering $17 - $25/hr with min 5 years experience. We've bumped our guys up to the higher end of that to try...
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    Bad luck hiring experienced employees

    I manage a small job shop with 12 employees, most of which have been trained on-site and didn't know a thing about machining until they started here. We're slowly growing and needing to hire more people, but we're having a lot of issues when it comes to hiring experienced machinists. The last...
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    Tooling/Workholding/Programming that has increased productivity the most for you

    You're definitely right about that. Finding people that want to work swing/night shift has proven to be quite hard though. Appreciate the advice.
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    Tooling/Workholding/Programming that has increased productivity the most for you

    Thanks for the kind response. We've been so focused on speeding up setup times this year that it kind of feels like we're grasping at straws at this point. After-all, there's only so much you can speed up a setup and you can only make someone work so fast. Demanding that people work faster and...
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    Tooling/Workholding/Programming that has increased productivity the most for you

    Hmm, I'd consider an hour for 1 part to be pretty lengthy. Usually for the parts I linked the picture of, we see orders for 150 at a time which takes almost 4 full weeks of machine time (40 hour week), not to mention the 10~ business days it takes to have them bead blasted/anodized/laser...
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    Tooling/Workholding/Programming that has increased productivity the most for you

    I should probably add that we've had the last 2 years to really dial in these parts, so this is probably a bad example of setup/cycle time taking too long. But generally those are the types of parts we work with.
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    Tooling/Workholding/Programming that has increased productivity the most for you

    Might be a pretty common part in the gun world, but I'm no expert. We only have 2 pallets on this machine, and generally we have 3-4 fixture plates for different parts that we swap in/out as needed.