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    Seeking information on early wooden lathe

    Manuel du Tourneur well worth investigating, ditto L'Art du Tourneur from Diderot Encyclopedie. I have a similar lathe to yours which I am in process of 'restoring'. I have sent you a message.
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    Is it a mill or a drill

    Looks like an Arboga- see Lathes.co. Andrew.
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    John Edwards pictorial register of Holtzapffel lathes

    Yes, we are very fortunate that John Edwards has taken so much trouble to record pictures of these machines and that hopefully more pictures ,will be forthcoming. I cannot think off hand of any other lathe resource to match, other than past issues of the Bulletins of the Society of Ornamental...
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    Rose engine

    This looks like a straight line engine, not a rose engine. It uses a straight pattern bar shown clearly in the second photo, whereas a rose engine uses a circular rosette or cam which is makes a pattern when the engines headstock is rotated. Andrew.
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    Ornamental Turning Lathe by Richard Roberts

    Asquith- made much clearer, thanks. Andrew.
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    Danish Ornamental Lathe...... not Holtzapffel

    I see that the headstock is fitted with a single rosette. How was this used? Did the headstock have some sort of elevating, rocking device? Andrew.
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    Ornamental Turning Lathe by Richard Roberts

    Asquith, yr second photo gives a tailstock view in which the RH end of tailstock shows what looks like a small "bracket" casting supporting the underside of the rear lathe way and I think I can see hints of similar structures in yr other photos viz photo no 6. I thought when I first saw the...
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    Ornamental Turning Lathe by Richard Roberts

    Very interesting lathe, quite advanced features to bed and stand. The oldest example I can find that has the makers name in raised lettering cast in is in Steed's book. a Whitworth lathe dated 1843. I have blown up the lathe bed picture but may have misinterpreted what I see? Can I see small...
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    Heads-up: BB2V on ebay UK (now this is extremely rare!)

    How does the vendor know what my maximum bid was- if there are no bids against mine other than the under bidder? I see more items withdrawn in the early stages when it appears to be underpriced than at the end when all bids are in. I suppose the answer would be to always make an offer at...
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    Heads-up: BB2V on ebay UK (now this is extremely rare!)

    Very nicely spotted. Again. Was bidding and the item was withdrawn from sale. Seems to happen more frequently these days . I'm sure I'll get over it.
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    lathe unknown

    The address 'a la Flotte de l'Angleterre' is the same as on frontispiece of Bergeron's Manuel de Tourneur. Helical gears are similar to lathe by Ernault Somua 0f 1880. Will try to send picture. Andrew.
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    Small hand planer on ebay

    Small hand planer on Ebay I believe that this model was introduced by Hesketh Walker in Liverpool about 1900 and later appeared in Arthur Firth catalogue. And then developed further by Tom Senior. In the museum at Tiverton, Devon, accession no 2000.174, there is an example given by T.D...
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    Need help identifying unknown museum artifact

    Perhaps for engraving the 'shading' lines you see on 19th C engraved illustrations ?
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    Cataract relieving attachment

    I have sent a couple of pics of the Relieving attachment that came with my Quick change lathe with it's cams to Lathes.Co.UK. I would post them here but I am pretty useless manipulating pics on the computer. Hope that's OK. Andrew
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    Heads up: Muckle ornamental lathe

    Muckle ornamental lathe Thistle- Head and tailstocks are actually cast iron and very well finished all over. It appears as if they had some sort of finish maybe blackening or blueing originally as when cleaning them they kept the slightly streaky surface they have now. Other wise all the steel...
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    Heads up: Muckle ornamental lathe

    Muckle Ornamental lathe I bought this lathe by tender from an ad. on Home Workshop site in 2009. It was quite difficult to retrieve from its site where it had been for many years. The vendor told me that a relative who was in the timber trade acquired it before WW2 and it stayed in the...
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    19th C Machine Tool Manufacturers

    19th century machine tool manufacturers Not specifically 19th century, but "Mechanics of pre-industrial technology" by Cotterell & Kamminga, ISBN 0 521 34194 9 might be useful as a starting point. Andrew.
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    Shaper owners

    Rhodes shaper For the record I use a Rhodes shaper, often, and it has the slotting head which I have yet to use. Shaper still produces good work in a leisurely sort of way.
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    Hardinge Cataract Tool Room Lathe Questions

    QC lathe Jon Lathe is no 92. It has relieving attachment with guard, cams and changewheels. Steadies, chucks, faceplate collets. Trays, collet thing under bed. Box of changewheels with metric banjo. No raiser blocks as per your catalogue though. Stamped patent appl'd on gearbox. Can send...
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    Hardinge Cataract Tool Room Lathe Questions

    QC catalogue Many thanks, Jon and Jay You have produced the bees knees. Wish I could find that forest in illustration 7. The metric thread table is jolly useful. Are there 5c collets to use no 2 morse tapers available still?