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    17-4 Stability post machine/ internal stress Condition A vs H900

    I machine a ton of 17-4 and 15-5 in all of their various levels of heat treatment. I absolutely hate cutting it soft. We do lots of clevises with long ears and tight gap tolerances, so the collapse of the ears when they are cut free is obviously something I have a great interest in.15-5 is a...
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    Cloudy finish on 4140

    A larger radius or a wiper on the insert would help would help. So would positive, sharp geometry like someone else mentioned. You said 1inch at 1000sfm and 3000rpm, but 1000sfm at 1inch dia would be 3800 rpm, so I'm imagining you're capping the speed at 3000 (which sounds like plenty to me)...
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    cnc lathe with sub spindle recommendations

    We have a new LB in a different configuration (like 80" Z travel, programmable tailstock & steadyrest, 1 spindle) they are really solid. I'm glad you stuck with one turret because adding a subspindle doesn't add much of a wrinkle programming wise, but once you add a second or third turret it...
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    Threadmilling 4140 hardened steel

    Full context, they're millturn parts on our old clapped out doosan MX, 1.5" barstock. Each part had two holes at a 45 degree angle on a turned (convex) surface, hanging out of the main spindle with no sub support so the head could reach. I wasn't even confident that the machine could interpolate...
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    Threadmilling 4140 hardened steel

    I'm going to be honest, I don't have a ton of experience with thread milling but this is the first time I feel obligated to shout out a tool. I had to buy some threadmills for a part that had 1/4-28 x 1/4 deep blind holes with no room for a drill tip underneath without breaking through the...
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    Any Mori Seiki NT Programmers?

    You know if you just ask the questions here some kind soul might answer them for free. What's the question?
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    Doosan TT1800SY Restart

    I have my posts either set to only output an m1 after a sync, or to not output m1s altogether. If you have the turrets timed, simultaneously working the same spindle, and one hits an m1 while the other keeps going, that is not a recipe for a good time. If I was on the floor and really needed...
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    Problems With a G43.4

    You didn't say what size tool you're using, but does the difference you're seeing look to be about the difference between tcp and tool tip?
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    Part Failure: 3D Printed Titanium Handlebar at the Tokyo Olympics

    I'm sure someone much smarter than me can answer this. What does the grain structure of a 3D printed part look like? How does it compare to cast/forged/drawn material?
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    Anyone using sendcutsend.com? If you're not, watch out!

    Wow, there must not be a human nesting these, that's actually pretty awesome. Now I'm really curious about their process. It's probably just coded with a bunch of rules for batching, part size and shape and optimized to use the least amount of material available. With the amount of orders these...
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    Anyone using sendcutsend.com? If you're not, watch out!

    I assume he means running them through a timesaver for a cosmetic "graining".
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    Anyone using sendcutsend.com? If you're not, watch out!

    Perhaps, I'm just surprised they would flat out refuse when it can typically be done with the click of a button, and if they're running full sheets they inherently get loaded in the machine the same direction every time. I used to program and run a large CNC router at a high volume sheetmetal...
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    Anyone using sendcutsend.com? If you're not, watch out!

    I'm not sure what software they use, but nesting by grain has been on all three nesting softwares I've used over the last 8 years or so. Works fine with the autonest feature, the only way it might be a hassle to them is if they are nesting full sheets and they need the extra freedom to pack all...
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    Sandvik acquires Cambrio (GibbsCAM)

    ^ All of this Gk, I find it interesting that you gloss over what happened to Delcam when it was acquired by Autodesk. I'm happy to know that they had a sort of kind of disappointed vibe when they talked to you about it. Very comforting. Since this thread is about an acquisition, and the...
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    Doosan CNC mill?

    They're solid, popular machines. They're not a random offshore brand if that's what you're worried about. I'd take one over a comparable haas any day. In my experience I've found the simpler machines (3axis mill or 2 axis lathes) to be really sturdy and reliable. I've had a bunch of issues...
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    Doosan MX2100 G700 (TPC) behaving strangely

    Awesome, thanks Paul. I shot Jaime an email. If I ever get this figured out I'll come back and update the thread for posterity.
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    Doosan MX2100 G700 (TPC) behaving strangely

    Hey guys, I have some emails out to Ellison and Esprit right now but I'm starting to pull my hair out over this so I figured I'd post here while I'm waiting for a response. We have a Doosan MX with a B-axis head but we almost never use it for 5 axis contouring. We have a longer run on these...
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    Esprit user Thoughts

    Just to add on here: Featurecam multi-channel programming is very good, just like the rest of it is. The one quirk is that the sync points can be downright buggy, and I often have to play around with them a lot to get them where I want. That's one area where Esprit shines. Esprit has the best...
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    Dark chocolate brown pheonolic

    I always assumed they were different grades. At one of my last jobs we cut a lot of the light tan stuff, and occasionally ran another job that was thinner and dark brown. I remember thinking the dark brown cut better and was less likely to fray and delaminate, but I guess that might have just...
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    Please evaluate this program.

    There isn't a single thread that doesn't end up like this anymore. Yeesh. Well, there's only one way to settle this. A programmer duel to the death. Two laptops, one machine. Loser dies, winner gets to say he was right on the internet.