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    Advice on making a short joggle plate

    Using 1/8" material, make it wider, fold it over tightly on its self & drill your 2 1/4" holes & done? Just a project so you have full control of process used.
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    Air line funny

    I was in the maintenance shop & saw this happen. 2 men were working to change a 3/4 copper air line. The guy on the floor was BSing with the guy on the ladder & I was about 15 feet away using a vise for I don't remember what. I look over just as there is a big BANG. The floor guy goes for his...
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    OT: Computer fan technology......the lost art. Plus workstation computers.

    Old Farts? Has any one else out there ever used an IBM model 1 card punch?
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    My machine will pump coolant then it will stop and run a cycle with no coolant. Pleas Help

    Next time coolant stops. While the job is running tap in areas around electrical connection boxes/points & Valve bodies. It may help isolate the cause.
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    Is there such a thing as a UPS for CNC machines?

    Where I used to work we needed to keep all of the flight simulation computers on line during power outages. Our power utility ran a second power feed to the building from a different substation. Each power feed entered a quarter cycle switch with the output feeding our computer loads. All of...
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    Welding of ports onto Hydraulic cylinder tube

    Given that I have not fabricated any hydraulic cylinders. Redesign of the piston may be the best way to get around this issue as Mr.Atoz said. trevj asked about the location of the ports in an area where welding will cause distortion. I would ask if the ports could be moved to the cylinder...
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    What type tape for sanding belts

    I use the slotted type wheel for lapidary work. Works very well & I use it wet.
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    I'm having trouble removing this set screw (see images). It has been caked and baked in grease repeatedly.

    After heating the screw you might want to shock cool it with dry ice or that freeze spray in a can?
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    Rethreading OD?

    Perhaps the Nylon absorbed moisture during the dye job? Maybe heat & or vacuum would help?
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    Thermite/aluminum powder

    For what is worth. On a 8" bench grinder with 3M non woven wheels in the aircraft hanger. I was just going to take the burr off a piece of 1/8" 1018 flat stock. I noticed sparkles on the bench. As it turns out there was a light coating of aluminum & iron dust on the bench that was burning. I...
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    Round Shaft holding using Ball Bearings and a Box Wrench technique

    For polished shafts (gun barrels) I have used thin rosin coated lead sheet in a barrel vise.
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    To everyone who owns a cnc machine please read

    I am not sure if any of this stuff is still using "Battery Backup RAM" (BB-RAM) chips but if their battery fails the chips will need to be replaced with new chips. You may be able to reload the the old BB-RAM but if the machine is turned off the data will need to be reloaded every time.
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    Help identify drill shanks

    This is MAGNAVON style QC shank tooling
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    Drilling ID of small diameter steel tube

    ? Rig compressed air to the bottom of the jacobs chuck to blow out the chips & cool the drill. Adjust your feed so you do not get long chips & by all means ware face protection. With cobalt drills i would try 2600 rpm & see how it goes. How many of these have to be drilled out? Good luck Doug
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    Coaxial center indicator

    I have had my Blake for 30 years. It only gets used a few times a year & has given good service. Doug
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    Drilling 40xD holes in UHMW. How to not get melty melty

    Parabolic drills might work for this type of a job. However I have never used a parabolic drill on UHMW. My jobs for them was for 30 to 40 diameters deep in 60-61 aluminum.
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    OT Lead Pipe

    I redid my fathers 1940s house in the late 1960s. The only lead I found was was that used to caulk the cast iron soil pipe. A plumber loaned me his lead pot, propane tank & gave my 40 pounds of 1 inch lead pipe he removed from South Saint Paul Minnesota buildings in years gone past. He also...
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    Help wiring a Dayton motor SB9A

    Is the thermal protection automatic or manual? Automatic protection is a bad idea on a machine tool. Doug