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    OT: Where did everyone go?

    That is crazy. Just close your phone up in the microwave during conversations, way more convenient.
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    Titan is peddling Syil?

    The bold "None" was referring to the 20-100 kids. Maybe he did talk to enough of them to form an informed veiw. You should take the 20 seconds to read the full post, he has some good points. In my anecdotal experience @chip-load is right, Fusion and 3D printers are the gateway drug.
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    Finding work, what am I missing? Full disclosure

    Not really, have to get pretty deep in the gov't contracting for that to help. The A/C idea is probably the most sure way to make money, but I'm guessing @mac13 doesn't want to be crawling around in 120 degree attics working on air handlers. If he were half the age with a family to feed then...
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    Scheduling / Capacity Software

    It would be great if someone could prove me wrong, but my suspicion is that the very fact that you have "unplanned work" means there is no perfect solution. You either need buffer time in the quote or excess capacity (or willingness to work overtime?), not sure what else can soak up those...
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    purchasing used Speedio that has been sitting for a while

    Fairly relevant experience- I have a 2016 S500 with a Nikken 4th, bought used. Previous owner had a tool holder pull out and gouge the spindle. I think he said the regrind was around $1,200. That spindle, a 16K BT30, is noticeably noisier than a 10K next to it, but the finishes it leaves are...
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    purchasing used Speedio that has been sitting for a while

    The couple of Brother part prices I've seen have been very reasonable. Can you give us a ballpark idea of the machine and price?
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    New to Fusion 360, Anyone want to walk me through an easy one?

    You can do extended offsets. Type 7 or above, should spit out a coresponding extendend offset. If it's open fab type work I wouldn't expect you to need to dial in each spot, not that it's wrong, just unnessesary.
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    Lathe turret won't stay clamped

    Well, this is unfortunate. Pulled off the number plate and there was hydraulic fluid coming out of the coolant passage. Ordering all new seals now...
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    Lathe turret won't stay clamped

    Interesting, hadn't thought to look at that. Yet another thing I'm not familiar with and get to learn (the I/O module, that is).
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    Lathe turret won't stay clamped

    No, but is that something that could happen overnight? I could see it happening with a low battery, but I can't figure out why the behavior changed. Yes on live tooling, and the prox sensor is on, though I have not confirmed that the signal is getting through.
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    Lathe turret won't stay clamped

    I checked this morning and the turret clamp prox sensor is showing green, and the "Turret Clamp" light is on so I'm taking that as proof the signal is getting though. But today it won't even try to index, there's a pause and then "NO. 2066, AL-66 TURRET INDEX COND. NG" comes up. It never even...
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    Lathe turret won't stay clamped

    Hmm, and maybe the logic skips over that during the manual reset. I'll look into that in the morning, hopefully it can be checked without pulling off the turret...
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    Lathe turret won't stay clamped

    Brandon, It's not 1815, this procedure sets the last bit of K05 to 1, and then the three button push (Feed Hold, Spindle Stop, and Select). And uses the "Call BZ Off" to lock it. Very similar but not quite the same. I had to go through that when we first powered it up so I think the...
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    Lathe turret won't stay clamped

    New to us 2009 Samsung SL20SY lathe with Fanuc 18i-TB control. Got it recently and just started using it this week. Today the turret will index around to the correct tool, clamp for a half second, then release. At that point the turret is free to turn, and it throws a "No. 2064, AL-64 Turret...
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    Going from 0 to 1

    You're missing some of the main changes between Ford and TPS/Lean. What Henry Ford did was brilliant and perfect for his time. The country needed a massive number of basic, low cost vehicles, and he built them. He also said no factory was big enough for more than one product. Eliminating waste...
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    Going from 0 to 1

    While amusing, that says more about poor management then Lean. None of the S's stand for "label". I wonder if the root cause for us all thinking of labeling as a Lean hallmark is because it's an easy and highly visible action for the low rent experts to do. SMED, Single Minute Exchange of...
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    Going from 0 to 1

    He was a physicist by training, so probably not an issue. But he's also from the wrong country so watch out. I like Goldratt a lot and have read most of his books, but one thing that has never clicked is his counting inventory as a liability. There's lots of reasons to limit over production...
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    Adding Through Sub Parts Discharge to Lathe

    We just got a Samsung that doesn't have a sub ejector, this might be the ticket here. Thanks for posting.
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    Mist Collector for Brothers

    We've been using MistAways on everything, Brothers and others, and have been happy with them.
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    $25k VMC Garage Buying Advice

    I understand what you're saying and generally agree, with the caveat that those less expensive spindles have to be reliable. Drop below that lower limit and you're going backwards. I'm sure you, @Houdini16 , know that, just throwing it out for new guys looking to get started.