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    "Win the Lottery" Home Garage Machine(s)?

    Could a Capto spindle become available for the M300/M200? to remove the need for that side stop attachment. Even if turning is a small portion of what this machine is used for it would have other benefits as well such as higher drawbar force. I remember a mention of how Brother once offered a...
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    Adjustable 5C collet nose for lever closer

    Any suggestions for an adjustable 5C collet nose for use with a lever collet closer? My manual lathe (clone of Mori-Seiki engine lathe) has a spindle nose of A1-5 (Also accepts A2-5). Currently I have been using a hex 5C collet block held in my 10" 3-jaw Buck brand chuck that has an "Adjust-Tru"...
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    3D metrology

    How about "scanning white light interferometry", a non-contact method of measuring surface finishes. It would take knowledge of optics and image processing but should be achievable over a semester of work. You would need to make a mounting brackets during your internship to hold the optical...
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    Cylindrical Grinder linear scale project

    The The configuration for the readerhead I chose was HL1IC20000HA00C00 I chose the M8 connector so that the readerhead could be independent of the cable, such as if damaged I would not have to replace everything. I chose it with a single reference mark output, for use as the home position (when...
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    Cylindrical Grinder linear scale project

    Recently I mounted a linear scale on the Z axis of a Myford MG12 cylindrical grinder for a DRO, and wanted to hear any feedback on the project or simpler approaches I had overlooked. I could not find a good place to mount the scale on the outside of the table's casting, Also the table can be...
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/232590013795?hash=item362771f563:g:zngAAOSwR29ZExwd Here is the model that I used, It's sold by many vendors but is the same product, make sure it's the "L-type" configuration. I chose a pneumatic ball valve because they are quicker to actuate compared to an electric...
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    Factories with foundaries

    Okamoto still has a foundry but it's located in Bankok Thailand. https://www.okamotocorp.com/castings-2/
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    Odd BT40 holder - ID?

    This looks like a tool changer alignment gauge. Here is a new one with more information http://tacrockford.com/product/gauges/milling-spindle/tool-changer-alignment/steep-taper-tool-changer-alignment-gauges/#image
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    What are these Doosan coolant gun/washwand/air blow nozzle options?

    I use a Kurita SP100 spray gun, it's what Japanese machine tool builders such as Makino use. It took a while to find it but it feels heavy and well built. https://us.misumi-ec.com/vona2/detail/221000613487/?HissuCode=SP100 Another suggestion is to hang the coolant hose and nozzle inside the...
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    OT - Why do metric bearings use inch balls?

    Gage pins are the same idea, class ZZ has a tolerance of .0002 so a pin will become a plus or minus after grinding and outliers will become rarely sold .0005 in-between pins.
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    Iemca Mini Boss 325

    I have two of those hardinge lathes and that bar feeder model in my shop! I have also operated Tsugami with a Iemca Mini Boss 325 that was about 24" away from the wall, the senior machinist would often complain when the bar feeder jammed up (fairly common) about getting the push rod slipped out...
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    Measuring circularity of installed seal

    You could visualize the circularity of the seal using a transparent glass or acrylic shaft with polished ends. By Looking at the width of the band where the rubber seal makes contact with the clear shaft you can determine how circular the seal is. A thin band indicates poor contact and a wide...
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    FANUC om control, Supermax Max1 "machine 0"

    I have a supermax max3, here is the values I have for the parameters you have. N0700 P 00000500 N0701 P 00000500 N0702 P 00000500 N0703 P 00000000 N0704 P-01020500 N0705 P-00440500 N0706 P-00630500 N0707 P 00000000 N0820 P 00000000 N0821 P 00000000 N0822 P 00000000 Here is a page...
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    What to ask during training session

    I am buying a CNC vertical machining center and negotiated 3 hours of training to be included. What are important questions to ask during this short time period and how can I get the most out of it? This will be taught by one of the machinists at the company, I am hoping he will know what are...