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    She was a good machinist, very knowledgeable, and a nice person. She provided me a couple of mods for equipment that enhanced function significantly and I am still appreciative of her work. I had sent her a few emails recently and she had not responded so I thought I would ask to see what may...
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    Does anyone know what happened to Paula...she was a mod here some time back but seems to disappeared?
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    Calculating Drilling power with pilot hole

    I would only use the spindle to make a shallow counter sunk pilot hole. 6-8mm. After I had made all the locating holes I would use a small portable drill press to finish the holes. Your camaster is not really setup to support drilling at the correct speed - - like you said it has no power at the...
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    Logan Head stock Lubrication???

    I have a logan 9" also - they have sealed roller bearings that do not require lubrication. However, the back gear has a oil port (spring loaded ball).
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    What's with the word "like"?

    at the top right of the screen there is a count of the folks who selected "Like" - I presume ir will be used as some some statistic and be compiled - after you select "like" the screen will update to give you the choice of "unliking" I can see where this is usefil to some who cant remember what...
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    Internal/External diameter threading chart

    formulas Try these charts
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    New England Material source

    Here are some links to pretty good online suppliers that sell smal quanities at a fair price I use Metal Express - Home more often than others - they deliver in 2-3 days and ship from various locations around the US Serial number metal tags Online Metal Store | Small Quantity Metal Orders |...
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    Can you guys help me with this angle cut?

    30 deg cut Or - grind a tool bit - mount the bit and adjust you compound to 30 deg and cut with the compound
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    Making a one-off mandrel

    measure a taper HomeShopTech measure the id on either side to the taper and the length of the taper and extrapolate - see the link for a similar process
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    South Bend lathe in Hungary

    Rust Removal This stuff is great and all you need is a bucket - it will work on any ferrous material and only removes iron oxide. It is much simpler than electrolysis. Degrease you parts and drop it in the bucket. scroll up on the page when visiting the link Evapo-Rust rust remover...
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    Motor choices

    Wired for 220 it will run cooler, if both motors have the same nema specs I would presume the heavier of the 2 motors you are looking at have heaver winding since it is rated for 8 vice 7 amp
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    threading http://tool20895.homestead.com/files/TPI_2.htm Salient points listed below. - The tool should then be mounted on a compound slide set at 29 degrees to the work. In other words, if straight into the work like a cross slide is considered ZERO, then you have to cock the compound toward...
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    Logan Lathe Ball Turner

    You aren't overlooking anything.
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    Logan 7515

    Here is some info - sorry I dont have data on wiring however. http://webpages.charter.net/p.cyr/7500Logan%20Lathe%20.pdf
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    Machining the MLA-23 Toolpost

    It is a dauber. When using a dead center you must periodically lube the center. The dauber sits in well that can be filled with oil or litium for the periodic lube. If you pull straight up with enough force you should be able to remove yours.
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    Cutting tool for socket head cap screw

    grind hardened threaded fasteners to a specific length http://www.frets.com/HomeShopTech/TechGen/ShortenScrew/shortenscrew.html This guy has some interesting tip and tricks. I have used the process he demonstrates for many sizes of fasteners. I typically use a small 1/4" piece of plate...
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    I am not sure you sent this PM to alan - since I am reading it or the borad has a problem Pete

    I am not sure you sent this PM to alan - since I am reading it or the borad has a problem Pete
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    Threading with tailstock?

    There is unlikly to be any change in color. It will not work with aluminium - it only reacts with carbon steels
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    Threading with tailstock?

    making a hex die holder giovanni - I took a piece of hot rolled CS and turned it to 1 1/2" dia, Bored and reamed a 1/2" dia hole center line all thru. I bored a 1" counter bore 3/8 deep. This counter bore was equal to the minor diameter of the distance measured across the flats of the die...
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    Threading with tailstock?

    I never considered selling them - it is pretty simple to make. If you really want one I will come up with a price. Pete