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    WTB: 8mm Hardinge R8 Collet

    Thanks for the link. I am looking for used. I am a new hobbyist trying to get the basics.
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    WTB: 8mm Hardinge R8 Collet

    Looking for an 8mm Hardinge R8 Collet to hold my Noga in the Spindle. Looking for high quality. Thanks
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    Starrett 24 x 36 Granite Surface Plate Cabinet Rolling Mobile Stand

    $800 Cash $3800 Retail 24" Wide x 36" Long x 28" High Made in USA!!! This stand was actually used in the inspection room, in the Starrett Factory - Mt. Airy, NC. It originally had a 24x36x6 Pink Granite AA Plate on it. I am a new hobby machinist, trying to learn and restore WW2 Machinery. I...
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    WTB: 18x24 Surface Plate near Charlotte NC

    New Hobbyist looking for an 18x24 Granite Surface Plate near Charlotte NC. I need this specific size to fit in my small 1 car garage. Don't need a stand. I am just getting into Metrology and everything that goes with it. I am also wanting to learn scraping, I am currently rebuilding a few...
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    Help - Mag Chuck Rewire - Sanford Benchtop SG48 Surface Grinder

    I am not sure, there are no markings. Any way to test? I am not great at electrical. Would the 10A from the rectifier and 50W from the resistor be the maximums? Anyway to size it off of those? Full Wave Bridge Rectifier - 250PIV, 10A Resistor - 35 Ohm, 50W
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    Help - Mag Chuck Rewire - Sanford Benchtop SG48 Surface Grinder

    Hey Guys, I picked up a Sanford SG-48 Benchtop Surface Grinder. It has the original Mag Chuck, but the wiring was taken apart by the previous owner. I have done some research and found a upgrade with a wiring diagram and components. Full Wave Bridge Rectifier - 250PIV, 10A Resistor - 35 Ohm...
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    Small Mill ID... Please Help!

    Still Looking for Manufacture info, if anyone has any.
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    WTB: Hardinge Sjogren 5C Collet Chuck - 2-1/4 - 8 threaded Back Plate

    Hey Guys, Looking for a 2-1/4 - 8 Back Plate for my Hardinge Sjogren 5C Collet Chuck. The one that came with it is too small. It is different than most normal back plates. This goes on a South Bend 13" Lathe.
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    Small Mill ID... Please Help!

    The Table Swivels and Tilts. The whole saddle moves side to side. They robbed the dial off this hand wheel for the x-axis. Alot of this kinda looks shop made, but i believe its original. When you take the brass pieces off, the casting is made a specific way to fit the pieces/gears.
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    Small Mill ID... Please Help!

    Little more info. The spindle is a Morris SDH Quick Change "Drilling" Spindle. I talked to the only dealer in the US about the spindle... He said this spindle would have never been in a single mill like mine. They were used say at Ford on a production line where multiple holes were drilled all...
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    Small Mill ID... Please Help!

    Can anyone help identify this mill? I dont believe its a Jig Borer based on my research. It has V Ways everywhere like a mill and an adjustable knee. I have searched everywhere online i can think of. Google Photo's, Facebook, Old Magazine Articles, all the catalogs on lathes.co.uk. I dont know...
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    Create Tool

    Tried to place an order last week for an A Set and 8 holders. Are you still in contact with them? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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    WTB: Size A - 40 Position Tool Post w/holders

    Looking for a multifix style, size A, tool post with holders. New hobby machinist with a 13" SB. Tried to order from Create Tool and eBay without a response. Seeing what is out there, used. Only looking for a 40 position. Thanks for your help.