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    Tapatalk not working now..?

    Maybe be like a couple of other forums I'm on that had Tapatalk. Tap wanted access to user id's and data and the forum owners said nope....
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    Need some guidance on selecting a VFD..

    MK: Had a brain fart and left off part of the message. The power switch and estop are both 3 pole single throw switches and wired between the line cord and the motor speed switch. I intend to just leave them in place and in the on position and just use the vfd switched to control the power. I...
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    Need some guidance on selecting a VFD..

    Thanks all for the assistance. I'm planning on just removing the plug on the end of the cord and mounting the vfd on the saw's stand. I'm not confident in chasing thru all the wiring on saw itself to change anything, as the e stop, start switch and the speed selector are all integral to the...
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    Need some guidance on selecting a VFD..

    I managed to stumble onto a killer deal on a Haberle HL-4 cold saw for the shop. I need to get a VFD for it, but my 3P motor knowledge is ancient and weak. Looking at the data plate on the motor, it has both Y and Delta markings. As this saw is two speed, switch selectable, am I to consider Y or...
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    Need help locating or making a shear blade.

    These guys show it available: Jet UPPER KNIFE PS1652T-24 - $ 415.75
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    Train Rails, machinining and welding?

    Out in the field they thremite weld the joints or do flash welding.
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    OT: what year Ford powerstroke engines to avoid?

    Have a 99 with the 7.3 that's the daily driver. I've had a couple minor problems with it, but not with the basic motor. Had to replace the IDM at around 230K for a component failure on the board. I also have a 2007 with the 6.0. It's been down for a while due to chasing a HPOP problem and some...
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    Help with K.R. Wilson, Model 37F 75 ton H-FRAME Hydraulic Press

    I've got a 50 ton and a 60 version of the press. The crown, with the cylinder, weighs in around 900 pounds....table is about 300 pounds. I took mine apart to move with an engine hoist and a couple of straps. The press is very top heavy, so be aware. Should you choose to disassemble it, lower...
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    Shop broken into

    Some idiot recently decided to steal the clearance lights off the front of my little flatbed trailer. Two lights worth about 4 bucks each. Didn’t even look at the big battery charger or portable compressor about 25 feet away. Makes you wonder sometimes.
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    Best way to ship 5.500 dia rings x .07 thick....2000pc?

    Probably better to make a small crate for these. Unless I horked the math, they would be a 134” high stack, with no filler. Weight is going to be several hundred pounds.
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    Johnson Model B Saw - Blade size(s)

    Order the correct length and whatever tooth count and style for what you are cutting. Bandsawbladesdirect is one of many suppliers out there that custom weld the length you need.
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    What makes vaccine glass so special and hard to come by?

    It's not the vials that are the problem, but Schott refusing to sign guarantee contracts with drug companies. Their reasoning is that since no one has a C19 vaccine yet, they are not going to reserve material stocks for any company. Because they can't get guaranteed material contracts, some of...
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    valve diaphragm for a Vacu-Blast P200 dry honer (shot peener)

    Wheelabrator is a bit more than just a source, as they own Vacu-Blast and have for a lot of years now.
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    valve diaphragm for a Vacu-Blast P200 dry honer (shot peener)

    Kind of a dumb smuck question, but have you called Wheelabrator to see if the part is still available? When I called them about a manual for mine, they said they still supported the VacuBlast line, but didn't have every part in stock anymore. The lady that I dealt with was very nice and was able...
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    Question about piloted drill bits.

    Piloted bits get used more often when you start going through a material stack-up greater than .040" thick and need to ream the hole to final dimensions and are not using rigid tooling. You also tend to use them when drilling fracture critical assemblies and in locations where freehand drilling...
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    Ot- Has anyone set and actually use exercise machines like a rower at home?

    Used to do 30 mins on the treadmill, then another 30 mins on a bike and 30-45 more mins on a rower 5 days a week before I was married. Did weights the other two days. I generally read books while on the bike. Looking to order a Concept2 for the house now, and will probably put a monitor up for...
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    O Power hammer, Power Hammer, what the heck art thee Power Hammer?

    As said before, pop over to Allmetalshaping, and take a look at tinmantech.com for some quality plans for machines. Ben's Mechhammer is another good machine to look at. Don't know if he does plans or just machines. Eckold is the gold standard, but at monsterous prices. Pullmax equipment can be...
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    Solid rivetting

    Those are Monel rivets...It will take a 9x or better gun and a 20+ lb bucking bar to set those.....They will work harden in a hurry.....basically you get one try at setting them....
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    FS. Marvel #6 Power Hacksaw

    Last time I was over in our instrument shop, they still had one in use. Was nice for cutting the big bars that we machined a lot of our stuff from. It could be the choke point when doing stuff in a hurry, but it did have the advantage that one of the guys could drop a big piece in it right...
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    Solid rivetting

    Throw the air hammer into the nearest deep hole and get a rivet gun appropriate for the rivets you are trying to shoot. An air hammer is just that...a hammer that uses air to beat the crap out of something. Riveting is a precision skill. A rivet gun has the capability of going for long runs or a...