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    Starter Pinion/Ring Gear Mesh

    In that case, it will sound just like every other chevy that had the starter replaced by someone who didn't have a clue... 🤣
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    The Haas that would not work---revisited $700,000 engine block project---Maybe not the Haas?

    Yup... Methinks it was Allan Johnson who said "Nitro doesn't like to be burned, and when you finally set it on fire it's all sorts of pissed off, and you better contain it." ...or something... :D
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    Finding work, what am I missing? Full disclosure

    Your shop sounds like my shop, with more stuff. Find racers. Drag racers, bike racers, rock crawler/4x4 types, roundy-pounders, (altho those guys are always looking for "sponsors"... 🤣 ) and farmers. Hang your shingle at the automotive machine shops, as they generally don't do the regular lathe...
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    F.E. Wells & Son Tool and Cutter Grinder - Set-up and Re-tooling for Hollow Grinding Blades

    Aha.. I missed that part, with all the talk about old grinders and worn out wheels. My bad.
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    Anyone here help me with drop hammer design?

    The last fellas to run the old machine said "cathead"....
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    Anyone here help me with drop hammer design?

    When I was a kid on the farm we had a post driver which mounted to the 3 point hitch and ran on hydraulics. Noisy SOB, but you may find a used one on a farm sale...
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    Anyone here help me with drop hammer design?

    The old timers tell me you could tell who had to "throw the rope", as those guys had huge right arms.... :D
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    Anyone here help me with drop hammer design?

    Yep- I repair ours on a semi regular basis. Although we have a much larger one which uses a 480 lb weight dropping 30 inches, 40-45 drops per minute. We do not take samples with it any more, (they did before my time here) they just pound a rod in until it quits moving, and then measure the "skin...
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    Southbend and Hercus 9” DRO Install

    Thank you for posting all of this! I have a SB 14.5 I will do in the future, and a smaller import I ordered a DRO for and then couldn't figure out how I was gonna make everything fit! 😎 ...No 3-D printer parts test fit prior to ordering...:D Between you and @ballen I believe I will be able to...
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    Keuffel & Esser Alignment scopes/lenses

    how does the average schmo (like me...) find the IP address?
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    WOT: Bee vacuum clogging problem.

    Obviously, all you need to do is scare the bees away from that clogging area, and we all know how to scare bees..... :D
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    Boeing Assisted Suicide

    Do the Clintons own stock???
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    OT: Has anyone torn up a shoulder cartilage-how did it go?

    I tore mine at 30-something. No insurance, no fixxy...(doctor said it was fine, but I'm sure he read my paperwork when I went in... 😎 ) Now I'm 60 and while I don't arm wrestle right handers any more, it hasn't affected much life. Same Popeye, chicks dig it...:D
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    OT- how to burn logs

    Build a rocket stove and feed it...
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    6" Adjust tru D1-4 chuck "WANTED"

    Bumping this up in case somebody missed it the first time...
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    WooHooo The Eagle has landed!!!!

    So after 20 years, you must have some thoughts on your purchase, overall??
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    Need some help finding a piece of tubing ?

    If something slides on there you are gonna want something better than pipe...