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    Bluetooth hearing protection that doesn't hurt worn over safety glasses?

    I’ve got the Isotunes Pro 2.0. Battery lasts long time. Comes with many sizes of foam eartips. To me the smallest was only comfortable. They are comfortable even when using long time, no irritation whatsoever. Sound quality is not on par with hifi plugs but not bad either. Noise reduction level...
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    Chinese Laser engraver for marking and engraving

    No worries, you can call me liar or whatever you want. However I don’t have any need to promote anything here or have any affiliation to anything. I’m sorry if you felt that my post was crap. Was just telling my experience and maybe frustration behind it. I remembered wrong it was not 0.6mm...
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    Chinese Laser engraver for marking and engraving

    Coming back to this topic as I finally managed to buy the laser. It’s JPT MOPA M7 60W with rotary. It was easy to setup and get the Lightburn to work as well. It came with the settings for the supplied 175x175mm lens. Also the Chinese seller promised to give support and gave direct contact...
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    Mori Seiki SL-1B any value these days?

    Hi, There might be possibility to get my hands on old NC lathe Mori Seiki SL-1B manuf. 1986 with Fanuc 10TF controller. Controller doesn’t have G70, G71, G72 and G73 commands installed. Also there is no through hole in chuck spindle. Machine should be in working order. My question is, whether...
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    Achieving seamless profile when contouring on secondary operation

    When I flip the part I use gauge block to probe with Haimer from the machined outer surface. Bit fiddly, but gives good results. Just need to remember to deduct the gauge block thcikness.
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    Problem mixing galvanized and stainless components?

    Sorry, bit offtopic. It’s not once or twice i’ve seen banjo coupling attached to cylinder/reservoir with copper washer in between where the aluminium has corroded very badly around the washer. I don’t get it why do they do such rookie mistakes not knowing the very bad galvanic corrosion with...
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    Fanuc absolute encoder batteries.

    Just wanted to share my today’s quest with Fanuc absolute encoder batteries and all the headache that they can cause. So I did change all the batteries on my Robodrill alpha T10A while back. It’s been unused for few months now. Today I needed to do something with it and turned it on. Six error...
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    Drilling holes without shift

    Sell it and buy one with 24mm holes on it. Sorry, not much help, but I don’t see any other viable option to succeed. Worst case, you spend lots of money and effort on special drills etc and end up scrapping the table.
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    Accuracy AR

    Easy. Drive ~100 nails each side by side and form, say four inch circle from them. Almost quarenteed to hit on each shot. :ack2:
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    Shop E-mail

    Most of this is already covered but here's my thoughts. You said it is .com. Most likely you own it, not your service provider. So you can change your provider without affecting your domain. Exception is, if your domain is under the service provider domain eg. Serviceprovider LLC ->...
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    Fanuc Program Transfer Tool error on larger files

    I had already forgotten this issue. Now I had case where program size was 228kB and when initiated the transfer I remembered this issue. It took forever, say several minutes and PTT gave ok message. First reaction was like, now it worked. Then I went to the mill and checked that the program size...
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    Portacool 2000 in dry Utah won’t cause rust at all…ever…right?

    One thing which would help and would be install and forget type of solution. Sonoff TH wifi switch with temperature and humidity sensor. You can program it to switch on/off with your desired temperature or humidity limits. And it's cheap.
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    Extraction of broken bolt on rifle barrel

    Thank you everybody for the excellent suggestions. That soldering iron would have been excellent and as a thermostat controlled surely no problem on overheating. All of the holes had good chamfers so I was able to accurately measure hole center. So I went with the original idea of flat end...
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    Tube expanding calculator

    Yes, the material will not disappear. So in your case if you expand it to 28.5mm the wall thickness would be ~0.68mm. (Rounded from: 0.67657). So only negligible differences.
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    Clear plastic speeds and feeds for vacuum & double-sided tape workholding

    Here's picture of that lens. Flange is only 31x13mm so bet no vacuum would have worked. Also I left only 0.1mm stock so it might have punctured and end up in disaster. Didn't expect the tape to work so good. You can see those scratches on that flange due to sloppy removal of the welded chips...
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    Clear plastic speeds and feeds for vacuum & double-sided tape workholding

    Dear All, Every now and then need to make lens from plastic and mostly used vacuum table. That however is not good for very small lenses. So I tried first time double sided tape and oh my, that was awesome. However I’d like to hear your experiences & suggestions with speeds and feeds for that...
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    U-seal vs o-ring

    I´d go with u-seal. It has lower friction than o-ring. Then ptfe coated bushing for lowest friction. Then you´d also need wiper seal to keep dirt out.
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    Extraction of broken bolt on rifle barrel

    I’ve got rifle barrel which had couple of M4x8mm screws which were loctited on. One of them unfortunately snapped flush to the barrel but screw head is not flat. This is spare barrel so I haven’t spent time on removing the broken bolt out of it. Now however I’ve came up to an idea how I could...
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    Cheap digital caliper ideas

    I wouldn't bother modifying caliper. You can get digital linear scales (horizontal or vertical) with little money from Aliexpress in 50mm increments to suit almost any need. Just need to fabricate adapter. Just don't buy the cheapest and check the ratings. I've never encountered any false...
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    What material for industrial snowblower auger

    I`d definitely use wear resistant steel like Hardox. Wouldn`t consider anything else.