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    oversized inch standard with micrometer. How can i get it corrected?

    They can warm up in your hand and expand a bit, even with the little insulated handle. Did you mount the standard in a small vise and let everything come to ambient temp?
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    Recovering scrap for usable material.

    The amount of work you put in to recover a usable piece of scrap material for machining purposes will be several times higher than the cost to buy new bar stock of a known grade/alloy, although bar drops might be useful if the CoC pedigree is available. Scrap recovery seems to work better for...
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    Firing pin

    Agreed - S-7 can be air hardened in small sections and is also pretty stable in oil, if the design is balanced.
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    Laser Heat treating

    Assuming steel is your base material, you likely might be better served by induction, if you are looking at differential heat treatment. Laser could be used on small parts or areas on a large part but may be prohibitive in cost. So called "traditional" heat treating is generally a holistic...
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    Mixing processes (machining, welding, wood) in a 1200 sqft shop?

    That's basically what I have in my shop, which is 24x36 (864 sf). I set it up as a welding/blacksmith shop then moved machine tools in later. I do a small amount of woodworking and paint but not much. The machine tools are covered with wool blankets unless I'm actively using them. The whole...
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    Laser cutting a hard file

    I worked in a shop where we cut 1/2" AR400 plate with a water jet. I can't imagine it couldn't be done on a file - but the chamfers might be a problem.
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    Charles North Tx Shop build

    We have built several metal frame structures in the San Antonio area over the last few years and really like closed cell spray foam insulation. It's a bit more expensive but the convenience and overall robust quality of the final project has made believers out of people who only had prior...
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    Welding vs Machining

    I had a routine MRI about 15 years ago. The tech saw some trash in my lungs and asked if I either smoked cigarettes or was a professional welder. I said neither but I’d been around welding to a degree since my teens. He could apparently see the accumulation in the imaging. We got to talking...
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    Where can I rent a pickup that allows more than 10000# trailer towing?

    Enterprise has larger chassis trucks like the Kodiak models, which can be rated for higher loads. The primary issue is that folks usually opt for a gooseneck or fifth wheel hookup for really big hauls. Tail draggers can be spooky at highway speeds with heavy weight.
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    Way OT - bat bite

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    Way OT - bat bite

    We live 10 minutes away from one of the largest bat caves in the world (Mexican free tail - Bracken Cave) and see them every night except in the winter months. Local health officials recommend every pet dog or cat get vaccinated due to the risk of eating one with rabies - even indoor pets, just...
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    WTB Heavy Lathe ~80's make - Austin TX

    There are several lathes located in central Texas listed on FB Marketplace and Craigslist.
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    My employee is too slow.

    The company where I work has about 200 employees and 110 machines. We are generally profitable but nothing is easy and you have to stay vigilant. Our process engineers write programs and hand off to the production floor. The operators feed the machines, check and claim parts, and make offsets...
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    Any ideas as to what banjo steel is?

    Probably used to make banjo fittings and nobody in the shop knows the spec. Need to find the certificate of conformance.
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    Reproducing a Metal Electrical Part made over 100 years ago

    It looks like the part can be molded in draw except for the spring slot. I think die cast aluminum is your best bet then cut the slit as a secondary op.
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    LeBlond Servoshift Refit feedback

    Something I discovered on mine is that I can roll the dial to neutral and rock the chuck with the lever, followed by rotating the dial back up to the desired setting, then rock the chuck a second time. It always resets to the proper speed if I follow this little routine.
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    Grease gun for 1kg grease containers?

    It’s probably easiest to dump a portion of the lube into the hand operated grease gun then attach it and fill the container. A faster way would be to buy one of the battery powered guns (Dewalt makes a good one) and just pull the trigger until it’s full.
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    I have purchased a Pratt Whitney 12x30 B and having a problem getting the thread selector going into the bottom to feed selections 5 and 41/2 position

    When I got my Hardinge, it had a few gears in the train that were stuck together. I sprayed them with penetrating oil and let everything soak for a few days then started wiggling each one. After a couple of weeks of the same routine, I was able to break all of them loose without any disassembly.
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    LeBlond Tool and Diemaker Feed question

    So this issue turned out to be nothing more than a selector lever being slightly out of position. I shifted every lever through all of the available gears then turned on the motor and tried the power feed in both directions. Violin! Everything ran smoothly as expected. I think the reason it...
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    1-7/8"-16 UNJ-3B Thread Minor Diameter

    Per Machinery's Handbook 22nd edition, external thread minor is 1.7983.