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    Converting Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe to Single Phase

    Ok I don’t know much about VFD, at all. His starter motor is 7.5 hp, the shaft of that motor is hooked inline to alternator/generator? There’s not a VFD wiring out of it runs to breaker box, the other 2 leads is from his main breaker box. So 125v 125v and hot leg 190v coming off those 2 motors...
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    Rotary phase converter not large enough

    I have a Mori Seiki MS 1250 lathe. It has a 7.5 hp motor. Have a rotary phase converter that’s 7.5 hp and it operates the Bridgeport mill fine. It will start the lathe without any belts and run motor. But won’t start it under load. So we are going to either have to get a 15 hp motor for phase...
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    Converting Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe to Single Phase

    I have about the same issue you were going thru. I got a Mori seiki Ms 1250 7.5 hp 5.5 kw. The rotary phase motor I have is 7.5 hp. It starts lath motor fine, until you ttlrying to start with belts on to head. Then pulling 100Amps. Voltage at phase motor hot leg 190 v drops to 24v. So not enough...
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    Recommended High-Quality DRO for Mori Seiki MS-1250???

    Do you by any chance got any good electrical schematics on the Ms 1250? We got one my late uncle gave me. We can’t get it to run. It was working there, but he had 3 phase from power co. We are running on me 3 phase converter. But can’t keep it engaged, something keeps kicking it.thank you sir!
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    Data plates for Mori seiki MS1250

    Thank you!! I’ll see if I can make out any of mine to see if it’s the same.
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    Data plates for Mori seiki MS1250

    I have a Mori seiki ms1250 lathe from my late uncle. Im trying to get it up and running. But the data plates on front of machine are worn off. Can’t read any numbers on them. Does anyone have a clear pics of what is on the plates?? My manual doesn’t say that I purchased on line for it. Any help...
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    Ms 1250g

    Looking for parts diagram/ parts list manual for Mori seiki 1250G lathe. Inherited from my uncle, trying to go thru it to make sure everything’s in good shape before I start using it. Does anyone have manuals for it? Parts, owners ect? Or links where to purchase these? Thanks! All info appreciated!!