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    ***SOLD*** Carbide Gauge Block Set 81pc

    If the offer offer falls through I'll take them.
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    WTB: Gage heads for Starrett 717 gage amplifier

    Please send me a PM and we'll work something out
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    FS: Jacobs drill chucks, LIke new Kant-Twist clamps, a few collets and 244 pictures of thing you can own.

    PM sent. I'll take: #5A) Dumore 16-11 with a custom 1" base and a variable speed. Dissembled this could fit in a Large flat rate box $250
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    WTB: Dovetail slide (to practice hand scraping)

    As the title suggests. Not looking to break the bank here but I can compensate fairly. I'm crossing my fingers that someone has an old forgotten compound that isn't worth much and may otherwise be scrapped. Any condition is fine. Machine obviously doesn't matter. Doesn't have to be complete...
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    Hardinge 5C Collet Set 1/64th set with box

    Are these standard precision, or special precision?
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    Deciphering old drawing for Hardinge 4 degree taper nose

    Folks, I've been struggling to make sense of this drawing for a 4 degree taper nose common to Hardinge lathes, in particular the HLV and HLV-H. My research has produced no better drawing, cad model, etc. All of my attempts to model the geometry have failed, almost certainly due to my...
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    FS: Mobile Tool Stand

    Presumably this is local only? Where are you located?
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    FS: Bore gages, micrometers, and a few hand tools. More than 350 pictures of things you might want.

    I'll take: Picture 5 D (angle gage) K (gage blocks) Picture 6 A (standard t-handle set)
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    Carbide cutters! Endmills, chamfer mills, drills, reamers, engravers

    I'll take the chamfer Mills and the small end mills! PM coming
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    Hardinge HLV-H <-> DV-59/DSM-59

    I am restoring a 1977 HLV-H, and have casually keeping a look out for some replacement parts. About ~6 hours away someone is selling some components for basically scrap prices, and before I make the schlep I would like to understand whether it is likely the parts will be compatible: 1)...