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    WANTED: Good quality small(ish) lathe. 12x24 - 13x40 etc...

    I checked, nothing in my pm box. Not sure why.
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    WANTED: Good quality small(ish) lathe. 12x24 - 13x40 etc...

    There is a Henry Milnes lathe in Woodbridge. I don't know the spindle bore size, everything else looks within your specs.
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    For Sale ! ! !

    Thank you for the offer, I will pass.
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    For Sale ! ! !

    Sure, send them. Thank you
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    WANTED: Good quality small(ish) lathe. 12x24 - 13x40 etc...

    Kirby, I am in Hamilton area. Is your lathe for sale ?
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    used HLV-H vs. a new clone

    I know a guy that bought a new Hardinge HLV-H over 20 years ago. He also bought another Harginge 59. They sit side by side unused.:rolleyes5: His workhorse is another manual big lathe. Last year he bought a CNC and hired an operator for it. I guess the answer is : "It depends..." I should...
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    For Sale ! ! !

    ballen, Do you still have that 250mm faceplate for the MT4 diving head ? Also looking for an arbour support for a horizontal arm for Deckel Fp1 clone ( GHA). Danke schon ! 😊
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    Alexander toolmaster ( deckel fp1 ) clone

    Thank you for posting those links ! I needed that GHA milling machine manual badly !
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    Spindle Rebuild Video

    Thank you for the link ! Very useful !
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    Alexander Master Toolmaker / Deckel FP1 copy Slotting head wanted

    I have an GHA milling machine slotting head in my shop. I might sell it for the right price. It is located in Canada.
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    GHA Milling Machine manual (DexkelFP 1 clone ? ) wanted

    Oh, sorry about that ! Got carried away...
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    GHA Milling Machine manual (DexkelFP 1 clone ? ) wanted

    Good evening , As of today, I am a proud owner of a GHA milling machine. The previous owner ( thank you Jon ! ) did not have a manual , but told me that this is a copy of Deckel FP 1. Question : does anyone have a copy of the GHA milling machine manual ? If so, is there a willingness to share ...
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    HuFlungDung, Do you have the specs for it ? Maybe you can PM some pics to me ? Thank you, Marius
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    Rigging a Deckel FP2 for lifting

    Hi wiklis, Let me know please when you hear from him. I am interested as well. Thank you, Marius (from Canada)
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    Trades/ skilled labour rates in Europe/Italy

    Yes, I do , why not ? The man has traveled the world, seen a lot. And by the way those statistics don't mean much ( to me anyway). I think it makes a world of difference the company that you work for and not necessarily the country / region / industry you are in . I will let your imagination go...
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    Repairing Heindenhain VRZ 753B + LS803 scales

    I will start a new tread tomorrow (about my scales ) when I can post some pictures. Don't want to hijack this post. They seem to be working good. How accurate ? Don't know ...
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    Railway anvil

    Hi Guys, Just wondering : a 12' railway piece given to me would make a good anvil ? Good piece to pound on when needed ? I have it already free, so I guess I would keep it. Seems to do the job after a short trial. LOL ! happymarius