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    Clausing Shear Pin

    I usually save things in my computer, but I searched my files and did not find it. I also searched the web a bit and did not find it either. Sometimes you stumble over things you aren't looking for and then when you want it it's nowhere to be found.
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    Clausing Shear Pin

    I'm pretty sure I saw a drawing of the shear pin online. I'll check to see if I saved it.
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    Recommend a parting tool

    I need a new parting tool for a #250-207 tool holder I picked up cheap. At McMaster a Beveled End x Square End, 1/16" Wide, 11/16" High, High-Speed Steel is about $64. That seems high. Is that a reasonable price? I see many cheaper ones at other places, but I will pay that price if its worth it...
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    Best metal lathe for a rookie?

    I bought my South Bend 9 inch for $250. I probably have close to $1000 in it now after buying a few parts, rebuild kit, and tooling. If you don't get a lot of tooling with a lathe you will likely spend more than the cost of the lathe. I don't like using my SB. It's slow and heavily worn. I have...
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    Best metal lathe for a rookie?

    Drill presses don't like side loads. The chuck likes to drop off the taper.
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    Gorton 375-2 casting repaint/surface finish question

    Filler was commonly used on castings by manufacturers. I have used various methods to remove paint. Orange based paint removers has worked pretty well. I typically don't remove the filler.
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    [Cloth] Roll Towel "Roller" ?

    I am old enough to know what these are, but don't recall using one. When I look at that it makes me want to dry my hands on my pants.
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    Help with purchase of Clausing 6913

    I bought a 6913 about 2 years ago. The hydraulic speed control can be an issue, but not to hard or expensive to repair. The variable speed pulleys are also always an issue-sometimes simple and sometimes not. There is a Clausing forum with quite a few members who can give you great advice.
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    Anyone here help me with drop hammer design?

    I drove about 16 steel pipe piles 10 to 15 feet deep into fairly stiff soil using a 90 pound jackhammer. It did not take much time. These were 1-1/2 inch pipe. The same process is used for 2 inch pipe. Anything larger may be not practical.
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    Best metal lathe for a rookie?

    South Bend 9 inch can be a good way to start. Not very expensive or heavy and relatively easy and cheap to repair. If you want to do serious hobby stuff you may quickly outgrow it. Consider trying out a maker space if one is available to see if you have interest is buying a lathe. A big drill...
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    Anyone here help me with drop hammer design?

    In soils testing a common process is the Standard Penetration Test. That is a drop hammer using a 140 pound weight. Maybe look at scaling that up.
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    Need advice on milling a 1-1/4" wide x 8" long slot into 1/2" mild steel plate.

    I have used a rotabroach in a mag drill and a smallish drill press without a problem. For two pieces, plunge cutting with a circular saw with a carbide blade would be an option.
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    Advice about a void under our concrete floor

    Sorry, I didn't take the time to read all the posts. I have dealt with this a bit. Urethane foam injection should reduce vibration, but maybe not totally. 7k is very high unless you have a large area with big voids. I often checked voids by drilling small holes in slabs and probing the soil. You...
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    Clausing 6913 lathe parts

    I also have a 6913. I bought some parts from Clausing. Some are available and some not. Some are quite expensive and some are reasonable. I suspect that the reasonable prices are for old stock or maybe wearing parts that they make in reasonable quantities. I have heard that they will provide...
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    Clausing 5914 / 2 axis DRO & Accessories $3000

    I not an expert on these, but I have a 6913. The price seems high. If it has a Reeves drive the condition of the drive is important. They can be expensive to repair.
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    Die bushing clamps

    I recently acquired a box of these (probably at least 100). I don't know what they are used for and don't therefore assume I don't need them. If someone can use them how about $5 plus shipping? DAYTON LAMINA Danly, Die & Mold Shoulder Bushing Clamp 1-1/4, 1-1/2, 1-3/4, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 3-3/4 & 4"...
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    Large milling bits sale or trade

    The smallest diameter shank is 1 inch. Three others are 1-3/8 inch. The shortest one has brazed carbide. The 2 inch bits have a plastic coating. The coating is damaged at one spot and the edge is sharp with no nicks. All seem sharp and I did not see any apparent nicks. I took the plastic or wax...
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    Large milling bits sale or trade

    I picked up these with some boring bars at an auction. I have no need for these and have no idea what they are worth. The larger ones are 2 inch diameter. I can post additional photos or provide additional info if anyone is interested. I am looking to get rid of these and will take any offer...
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    O/T - Need a new central air conditioner.

    I did not see where you are located. In eastern Pennsylvania I would expect to see 2.5 to 3 tons for a 2000 s.f. house. I would stay away from York and Goodman. Most other brands are fairly close in quality. The installation is more important than the brand.