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    Best metal lathe for a rookie?

    Around here(GA) the colleges don't offer evening classes for the useful subjects
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    Finding work, what am I missing? Full disclosure

    Doesn't the 'vet' title entitle you to some preferences? Find all the 'vet run' businesses and see if they need your services, or know someone who does.
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    Lathe too heavy - redesign suggestions?

    The time and money taken to do this would be better spent on a new machine or premises. You would be buying a new machine anyway. Sad to say your project is doomed to very expensive failure.
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    OT: finger tips and indications of health?

    White spots on nails indicate high calcium. Usually from borehole/well water. The skin on my knees sometimes hurts when kneeling on the floor. Arthritis.
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    How much could I lift?

    Years ago, our maintenance lads built a mezzanine in the workshop out of 2×6s and 3/4" ply. A year later the safety lady decided it needed a load-rating sign. I was selected to do the calculations. I sent the info to a friend to double-check. We both came up with about 200lbs per square yard. My...
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    How much could I lift?

    What about the floor/foundations?
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    DIY Metal shaper questions

    Any drawings available on the internet?
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    Maybe getting out of machining...

    42 is not too old for a degree. Assuming you are starting from scratch, take a couple of free/cheap maths classes online and then pick up 1 or 2 classes per semester at a local college. The credits soon build up. Your employer might even pay.
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    Is a tip to another shop's workers appropriate for end of major job?

    Gift cards instead of cash. For everyone. Nothing worse than being left out. With food ,make sure no religious issues. Not just pork. Check with owners.
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    Subject: Non-automotive assembly. Anybody use mineral oil for assembly of close tolerance parts?

    No chance of galvanic corrosion between the different metals?
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    So what happens if I let my Solidworks and Camworks maintenance run out?

    The software manufacturers charge unreasonable prices with unreasonable rules. Starting a machine shop is not a cheap endeavour! No doubt Deng Xao Ping's grandson is working on something similar which will be available at a competitive price.
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    So what happens if I let my Solidworks and Camworks maintenance run out?

    Could you 'mirror' the drive? Like you do if converting to an sad.
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    Bad results firing 5.56 Nato in a .223 rifle

    The curse of being imperial in a metric world!
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    Haas helping the Russians?

    I saw the programme. There were a lot of Haas machines going to China. No complaints there! Who cares if some Americans lose their job to an American machine in the Middle Kingdom.
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    AirCraft Aluminum?

    Not allowed anymore - you might hurt someone's feelings!
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    Turning grooves in 303 stainless

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    Surgical Steel

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    Surgical Steel

    Blood and saline.They have a shortage of plastic disposable 'suckers' and wanted a reusable alternative.
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    Surgical Steel

    Thanks for the info. The item is a fitting to go on the end of some 1/4 pvc tubing and then be removed for reuse. Turned and drilled.