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  1. ifixcnc

    Fadal 6030 ATC issue (Hall Effect Switch)

    Hall effect sensors are triggered by an magnet. Can you take an magnet and make and break DI,DS condition? If you cant the switch, or wires, or board is bad. Check your power supply also, as incorrect voltage will do odd things.
  2. ifixcnc

    Inside fadal plant

    Not to knock VC Bikers view, there was room in the market for a cheap VMC (the VW Bug) of the CNC world. Lots of shops bought them and did OK, still to this day a high percentage of those built are running. Not saying that they are not bottom of the barrel machines, just that they filled a need...
  3. ifixcnc

    Manual grease lubrication? Clogged grease lines.

    Applying grease manually to either side of ball nuts and guide blocks, will not put the grease where the designer intended it to go. The time spent on pulling covers to do a 1/2 ass job will over time become a pain, and get skipped. Done right will give you a long term solution. I have seen...
  4. ifixcnc

    Glycol type for spindle chiller?

  5. ifixcnc

    Power supply Gremlin in Fanuc O-M vmc

    There is not really a ZONE, it sounds like one cable has an break down of its insulation. I use the old wires to pull in the new. The power supply is likely OK, the servo amp may have been damaged by the imbalanced load.
  6. ifixcnc

    Power supply Gremlin in Fanuc O-M vmc

    The difference between Megger reading and a Multimeter, is the amount of current (I) used to make the reading. If you read low on the Multimeter you have an problem.
  7. ifixcnc

    Fanuc 6t Turret Indexing Issue

    Induction motor will stop when it is no longer being energized. I don't think that there are servo turrets on that age machines. Easy to check as it would need to have a servo drive, do you have an schematic?
  8. ifixcnc

    Fanuc 6t Turret Indexing Issue

    Sounds like the prior owner tried to adjust the hydraulic solenoid for clamping to get it to index properly. 30 years of operation surely wore the gears, if your upward pressure taking out the backlash radially causes it to work, you have found the problem. What adjustment is available remains...
  9. ifixcnc

    Kaeser Compressor lemon - Which brand to buy next?

    We have had good luck with Air Compressors - Rotary Screw and Piston - Eaton Compressor Good product and support.
  10. ifixcnc

    Need help with a Duplomatic Turret on a Hardinge Lathe with Oi-TB control.

    Try to deal with Duplomatic directly. Tool Turret Systems
  11. ifixcnc

    Way OT: Sales guy tells me to NOT run premo gas in small engine?

    In western PA most of the Country Fair stations have No Eth.
  12. ifixcnc

    Kiwa Excel 810, Fanuc 0M

    9000 series program for tool change is an program, not an software version. It should be in the program directory.
  13. ifixcnc

    FANUC temperature input ?

    What model Fanuc?
  14. ifixcnc

    Spindle Encoder Help?

    DRC Encoder Crossover Guide | Dynapar Has some crossovers, I don't know about price.
  15. ifixcnc

    Cincinnati cf550 fanuc 18i

    Do you have the electrical prints? I would check the spindle motor with an Ohm meter.
  16. ifixcnc

    Cincinnati cf550 fanuc 18i

    Is it possible that there is an wiring problem? If the load meter moves, and overload alarm occurs, it seems like it is trying to run.
  17. ifixcnc

    Cincinnati cf550 fanuc 18i

    Sounds like a mechanical bind. Does the machine have an gearbox, or orientation lock?
  18. ifixcnc

    Spindle Encoder Help?

    Have you contacted Milltronics? They probably have a spare or substitute.
  19. ifixcnc

    college versus trades

    The bottom line is.... Do what you love to do, and you will never WORK a day in your life!
  20. ifixcnc

    Hitachi Seiki va-40 move

    You will not be able to lower the head with out power. If you do not have the original shipping bracket, wood will do in a pinch. All the Hitachi Seiki machines I have move had no counter weight.