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    Clamping Large Billets on Horizontal Machine

    Table dimensions?
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    Is a tip to another shop's workers appropriate for end of major job?

    Giving alcohol as a tip is never a good ideal. Some people can handle their booze and others can't. Don't go there.
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    Russia sanctions

    Latest fromISW Russian Offensive Campaign Assessment, November 15, 2023 Nov 15, 2023 - ISW Press The European Union (EU) appears poised to ban the export of precision machine tools and key weapons manufacturing equipment components to Russia. The ban, if enacted and effectively enforced, could...
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    Lucas #41 HBM

    Not to mention the tailstocks that go missing???
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    Lucas #41 HBM

    Is the Z axis the table in/out or the spindle?
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    Houston, TX fabrication group?

    Community colleges in Houston used to offer machine shop classes. That's where I got my start.
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    Pakistan's largest heavy machine shop - from youtube

    reminds me of the shops I grew up in many many years ago
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    At whits end with a employee

    Bad attitude. Fire him.
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    looking for a Horizontal boring mill

    Yes, the quill feeds. The table does not feed, for positioning only.
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    Universal HorizontaL Boring Mill

    Not having an outboard support is the least of its problems...
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    What would you do differently if you could do it all again?

    Would have taken my education much more seriously. Would have gone on to university and earned some engineering degrees.
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    Working 2B-36 Devlieg

    This. They're not round. Just a square positioning table that pins into the working table. They pin in place at 0-90-180-270 degrees. We used to use sine bars for in between positions and then clamp the positioning table in place. For multiple positions it was often easier to throw a standard...
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    ACME Turret Lathe - worth it?

    Are you crazy. Buy an engine lathe. Turret lathe is not a substitute for an engine lathe.
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    Another garage sale vise

    Oops. Somebody got up on the wrong side of the bed...
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    OT - Houston self serve salvage yards?

    Junkyards of old. Another casualty of the internet.
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    He should be permanently banned.
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    55° Gas Pipe Threading in Aluminum

    I normally thread inconel, stainless and mild steels. And you're worried about aluminum?
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    Repairing Intentional Damage to Surface Plate

    Ignore it. I've seen plates with un-intentional damage. No big deal.