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    regulator repair question

    It is some what difficult to remove the porious filter on the inlet without removing the inlet stem and driving it out from the regulator side. Although I have seen bucher removals from the nipple end. Victor shipped all the SR's with filters, The tar you see is probably dried aceatone from the...
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    Chicago d&k 200 ton press break

    Does this press have oil gear brand drive pumps, I have a 500 ton Chicago that is driven by Oil gear brand pumps, two pumps one motor, each pump has its own controls that regulates pressure and volume to each cylinder, there is a control to keep the rams parallel with each other in up and...
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    Pexto 137 G stomp shear repair questions

    There is a spring loaded hold down on the 137, pretty much the same design through the years. Theres several for sale on e-bay with some very clear pictures of what your looking for.
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    Old Cincinnati Brake Press Clutch Repairs?

    Not Posative, but it could be a Twin Disc brand of clutch, I have several Cincinnati press brakes and the mechincals all have Twin Disc clutch units, all kinds of videos on adjustment on line.
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    Clausing Kondia FV-300 School me please

    Yup. 4 of our mills are Kondia/Clausing, and up till now have supplied us with parts when needed.
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    Emergency planning for hydraulic injection injury

    We use several large quantity liquid gases,frost burns, as well as up to 5,500 psi hydraulic systems and high pressure diesel systems. Employee safety training is paramont when dealing with these dangers. High pressure body injection of any liquid/gas require immediate trained medical attention...
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    Miller Tig welder attachment

    DC output, your XMT will scrach start GTAW all day long. GTAW torch with a gas control valve on it and the proper shelding gas/ flow meter.
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    filtering air for plasma?

    That will work, looks good.
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    Miller 220V spot welder - why does it have 4 wires in its cord?

    Keep it simple, use a 4 pole twist lock male on the cord end off the spot and install a female flush twist lock on the timer, as that is the electrical hot end. Use a SO or equivalent cord of the same gauge wire as the spot welders current wiring. Make the dog leg on the twist lock your ground.
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    Testing oxygen and other high pressure cylinders.

    Years back we had a unrestrained 2265 oxygen cylinder roll off the side of a steel frame work that was about 45 feet above ground, the cylinder hit on the bottom. It was full and bulged about a third of the way up on the edge side of inpact, cylinder held its pressure. We donated it to a local...
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    Cutting Oil

    I agree Harvy Dark cutting oil works very well and reasonably priced. We buy it by the case at Home depo. Hopefully our wonderful goverment won't outlaw it anytime soon.Seems everytime I turn around there outlawing a product I like.
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    First Lathe: 1942 Monarch 14C

    Great ship yard in it's day, we ended up with a lot of surplus equipment out of there. We had to use a 9 axle low bed to move some of it.
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    filtering air for plasma?

    I have seen the motor guard filters swamped with water moisture on higher volume application's without any pre filtering within a weeks operation, Start with automatic tank drains or at the very least hand drain often. Water traps, air driers, etc,I have a few Hankson air driers that work...
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    Bridgeport chuck/ shank suggestions

    We have had a number of R8 mills in the shop that is to say different manufacturers Bridgeport, Clausing-Kondia, a number of which have left the building as surplus. We never used the keys, never was a problem.
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    First Lathe: 1942 Monarch 14C

    Ours probably worked togather at Hunters point during WWII. There were a bunch of lathes out there back then. Little to huge.
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    filtering air for plasma?

    I thought that was the still from M.A.S.H
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    WTB K&T 2HL arbor support and parking attachment

    I have posted this suggestion before in reguards to K&T parking attachments. At my Home shop I use a jib crane as I have several attachments for the K model as well as mounting heavy material onto the table. I have lifting eyes on all the attachments and it just makes it so easy to swap them...
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    U.S. Industrial plate roller

    My two cents, rebuild what you have, the cost to go through that machine would be light years less then a new inport. and if it is in fact a P&H it's a hell of a machine. You can change out the mechincal roller lift with a simple hydraulic lift system. I purchsed a monster roll from Hopper...
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    Nitrogen for plasma cutting aluminum?

    You bet for a home/small shop a simple 80 amp air plasma generator is truely fine, stap it to your Dynatorch, Plasma cam, Torch mate etc and away you go. Do you think for one moment if in my production world I wouldn't love to preform all my sheet cutting with an 80 amp air plasma on an...