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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    Reading to the end LEASE an electric, charge it at work! Some say the Nissans are OK
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    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    Not sure of your limits, but for the summertime, an electric bicycle may be an option. Motor kits (Bafang) with battery run about $1200. Just about any bicycle will serve as the base. I really enjoy the one I built.
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    New Trav-a-dial ?

    Recall the DTI on the 10EE? Trav-a-dials can do the same job better.
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    Valve Core (Schrader) Drill/Ream/Tap?

    The Schrader valve is one of the few components that have been fitted to every automobile in one application or another since the times of the Model T. I have a four way "reconditioning service tool" in my kit. Likely something from K-D. Thread restorer and taper seat reamer, core removal...
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    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    Does bad rap cause unrest in Russia?
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    OT- how to burn logs

    A hollow hemlock about 10 inches dia. tipped over the winter before. I cut the main trunk into foot long sections. Natural Swedish candles. I've been burning about 1 a week over last summer and there are still a couple to go. I'm considering boring options for the logs I have that aren't...
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    Cutting Glass With Wire EDM

    Replication on to a polymer coating on glass. Or ion milling https://www.shimadzu.com/opt/guide/diffraction/05.html
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    OT- how to burn logs

    One way to speed things up when burning in a fire pit is to arrange the logs with a hollow core to act as it's own chimney. So a but of chainsaw work for you, but well worth it. Then there is always "Burning Man" ;-)
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    Hercules Ajax 14X60

    On the tailstock end of the main bed casting, is the name "MAZAK" cast into the detail? The "ACE" is the Ajax Hercules line, rebranded. As far as I can tell ;-) eta This pictured machine is "the same" as the Ajax-Hercules labeled lathe in my shop. Might just be the year of production or...
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    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    It is curious how "powerful" the Israel political influence is in DC, while less than 3 % of America's population really cares what Israelis think.
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    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    I haven't a clue, it was something copied and pasted from the interweb. An expression by "someone" , in perspective . The text may very well be "made up" to draw attention, or to get others to pay attention to just how absurd this entire affair has gotten. Hegemony being what it is.
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    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    Perspective: Medvedev: “No one doubted that American lawmakers would approve "aid" to a gang of neo-Nazis. It was a vote by the joyous bastards of the state: a) in favor of continuing the civil war of the divided people of our formerly united country; b) in favor of maximizing the casualties...
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    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    Brothers fighting brothers, the worst sort of conflict. No one wins.
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    OK you guys. Who is making bank in these bushings>

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    Meuser Lathe Wooden Gear?

    Stinky is right!
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    Meuser Lathe Wooden Gear?

    The " resin impregnated fabric" materials abound. IIRC each "fabric" determines the trade name. "Micarta" being linen, who knows what hemp might be? There is a big wheel on the Weiler LZ that is fabric. It's not difficult to "roll your own" for some applications. It's a messy task however...
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    Running Lathe With VFD?

    Can we assume you have 3ph mains, and that 1ph to 3ph conversion is not among your needs? Identify a suitable VFD (there are so many good ones). I have good luck with Toshiba and Siemens. Don't be afraid to oversize! But money is money. The lathe has a gearbox! My opinion is USE IT! Use...
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    Starrett 811 Broken test indicator tip, threads broken off in swivel, no wire EDM, PLEASE HELP!!!

    I'm not sure that such a repair would limit function after a new stylus was screwed in. But the burr raised in slotting with a Dremel might make spinning the butt end out more difficult. I did a similar fix on a B&S indicator with a sharp pin (as mentioned twice above) I was surprised at...
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    230v to 380v VFD - Euro Motor Questions

    Note that a VFD first converts input AC voltage to DC. AND that the DC voltage can be greater than the nominal AC voltage. MOST good VFDs allow programing for V/Hz relationship. So.... If the VFD output is set to follow a 380/50 or 380/60 relationship, the motor wired wye will function...
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    Moon landing or or not?

    I was REALLY impressed with the speed and clarity of the phone conversation between the moon men and the US president. So impressed, I don't recall who was on which end of the line. ;-)