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    Woods Engineering Co T&C Grinder

    Added another "winter project" last week along with my Whitney hand miller. Found this on facebook labeled as a surface grinder with bad pictures and no information. My limited research has found very little regarding the company, let alone their machines. The best I can figure out at...
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    Early 1900s Whitney #6 Hand Milling Machine

    Sorry- I'm a day behind. Went and picked up an old LBN sunnen hone yesterday. Here are the picture of the transmission. If anyone has an idea of what it is from, I'm very curious. The casting number is the only identification i can find on it. In the end I think i wont be using this with...
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    Early 1900s Whitney #6 Hand Milling Machine

    Yup- you two are correct. That is indeed some sort of car transmission. There's nothing I can find to easily identify what it is from, but from the size i'm assuming it is from a vehicle from the 20s/30s. Perhaps one of you guys might have an idea. I just disassembled the machine to make...
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    Early 1900s Whitney #6 Hand Milling Machine

    Just picked up this machine the other week and thought I'd share. It's a Whitney MFG Co #6 hand milling machine. My best estimate so far is it's from around the 1910-1920 Era. It's currently sitting on my trailer waiting for me to clean the boiler room shop enough to bring it in. It's...
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    Oliver die filer for sale near Baltimore

    If the deal falls through, count me in as intetested. I'm just down the road (relatively). Thanks.