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    Looking for a reconditioning: surface grinding, possibly re-scraping?

    I highly recommend the American Precision Museum at Springfield, Vt. It well worth the trip, no matter where you are. I was there a couple of years ago and am ready to go again. JC
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    Need custom flywheel

    Race people. Lots of custom shops cater to the auto racing business. JC
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    Remove Large gear from shaft - damaged key

    I have done this kind of jobs many times. With the appropriate horizontal press, you may be surprised how easy it comes off. JC
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    Lack of Round 1/2" Shoulder Bolt Extensions with 3/8-16 Threads for Mower Wheels

    I have never heard it before. But what do I know, only been a mechanic and a journeyman machinist for a little over 60 years, so I have learned something useless today. JC
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    Best indicator repair service

    I took an indicator to a local watch maker for a bit of indicator repair. He did repair it, but was indignant about the whole thing. JC
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    OT: Has anyone torn up a shoulder cartilage-how did it go?

    My wife fell, causing lots of damage to her left shoulder at age sixty. Had repairs in five places. Lucky to have an excellent surgeon. Had good rehab and today, her left arm is stronger than her right. The message here, is be faithful to the rehab. Good luck. JC
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    OT Big brother is definitely watching

    A few weeks ago, I was discussing guns with some fellow coffee drinkers and my cel (in my pocket) blurted out ( guns kill people). My question is, can this feature be turned off? JC
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    Lathe lubrication not mentioned

    Billybme: In reference to using oil on the change gears, if using oil instead of grease, be careful to use oil that has some "tackiness" . Maybe some heavy way oil. JC
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    Asking why South Bend Nordick lathes

    Thanks for reminding me about the spelling. I have a 15 x 60 Nordic that has been a good lathe for the last 25 years for me. I have read some of the posts that were unhappy about the Nordic's because they could not locate parts for them. I have operated a small shop for the last twenty five...
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    Asking why South Bend Nordick lathes

    Asking why South Bend Nordicks are not discussed here? Is there another forum for them? JC
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    Chucks made in Poland - Bison and TMX?

    I can't speak to the Bison stuff, but the tools I have purchased that were Polish made in general, have been good quality, this includes two precision levels. JC
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    Apron removal from a Clausing 6300

    47DLinn: Welcome to the forum. I assume that you are talking about a Clausing/ColChester 6300. Perhaps you can explain what you are referring to with "up and down "chuck" of the ways". Would the carriage move before removal of 4 capscrews? Can you bring us a little more up to date on what you...
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    Baldor 1/3 hp bench grinder problem.

    thopkins1124: I don't think that yan wo was being snarky. It certainly isn't necessary for you to be shatty with him. Smart alecks like you is what discourages people to try to help thos like you that are ignorant. JC
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    Baldor 1/3 hp bench grinder problem.

    Problem may not be at the grinder. If you have the polarity reversed at the new plug, that would cause this. Is it possible something is reversed at the drill press? Is the drill press and the grinder using he same power source? You need to be very careful with this situation, maybe call in an...
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    gerstner machinist box

    Is it possibly a model made during WWII? I worked with an old gentleman that needed a machinist box during the war and had to make his own due to wartime shortages. JC
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    1/2-20 thread used where?

    I used to make quantities of adjusting screws that were 3" lg with 1/2-20 right hand on one end and 1/2-20 left hand threads on other end with a hex in the middle. They were used on large CNC routers for the wood working industry. JC
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    Buying a 1st lathe, presented with a few options

    Aviator97: You will find that once you have a lathe (any lathe), more lathes will be available for your picking. I compliment your English grammar, very good. I wish you good luck. JC
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    16x40 vs 16x60 Lathe Size for General Use?

    I have a 15 x 60 lathe that the extra length is not needed very often but one job that needed it paid for almost 1/3rd of that cost. Would the extra $2000.00 be sorely missed if spent on extra length? Good luck. JC
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    OT: Anyone ever / Can you machine ceramic tile

    Yeah, I know that we all get a crazy job once in while. I got a job to rebuild a Menorah. Replaced the Shaman and the star of David and some of the candle holders. It supposedly came from Russia 150 years ago with an immigrant relative of the customer. The candle holders were attached with...
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    STAR Wood Machinist Tool Chest Parts

    Happened to notice one on E-Bay and it looked similar to the wood used in Gerstner's and the hardware looked like older Kennedy hardware. JC