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    blum probe and tool setter install

    Im in the middle of a diy install of the blum tc50 and blum z-nano hp wired probe on an okuma mb56 mill. The spindle probe tc50 seems to be working but can’t get the tool setter to trigger on the control, would anybody know which parameters i need to set on the blum card in the back in the...
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    Brother Spindle Probe Costs

    And chance i could get the blum cycles on the okuma vmc post? Fusion 360
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    Probing using G31 (Fanuc)

    OK, so to translate this skip macro to the Okuma user task language do you think this will work? OSKP (PROBE POSITIONING SAFETY) (ANATOLI PANCHENKO) CALL OO18 (PROBE ON) G4 X0.5 (WAIT) M130 IF [VGCOD[12] EQ 91] GOTO N10 IF [VGCOD[12] EQ 90] GOTO N20 N10(INC MOOVE) VC105 = VWKAX (SET...
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    Kurt Vice Alternative?

    does anybody have experience with the arange vices? how do they hold up? are they of good quality? Orange Vise Company - Quick-Change CNC Machine Vises
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    mb56va machine solid file

    does anybody have a good clean solidworks file for the Okuma MB56va machine for use as 3d simulation on cam software that they would like to share?
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    brother tc-s2a tapping center control

    i'm looking at a used brother tc-s2a tapping center and the technician checking out the machine doesn't know how to navigate the control all that much. im trying the get the number of hours the machine has from him and he has no idea how to tell. he has the machine powered up and ready to go. if...