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    Looking for large stainless machining and fabrication

    You should list where these need delivered to as freight is sky high these days.
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    Phase perfect/correct electrical billing/metering??/what’s your kWh rate these days?

    You aren't drawing anywhere close to nameplate horsepower. Is that where the confusion is from?
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    How can you tell if Mach3 is a pirate version?

    For starters RedCam CNC what, mill, lathe, router? Agree with trying the zone.
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    Looking for High Production

    Believe it or not a lot of people are off the beaten path and stuck with satellite or cell internet, that is lucky to have the steady speed of 1995 DSL. 1995 DSL was great in 1995, but sucks today with data hog websites.
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    Looking for High Production

    You should probably list your work envelope and how many axis.
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    OT: Is technology slowing things down?

    You do realize all those votes need to be vetted. That takes a lot more time than voting in person.
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    If he really needs money he should sell his ocean front property in Arizona.
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    Scammer! Including shipping when you don't know where it is going?
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    Does a high wage employee bring more value to a company than multiple low wage employees?

    It all depends on your business. If you are doing tool room, prototype, or short runs, you better have a high percentage of rock stars. Long run production shop or an OEM can usually get away with a high percentage of bums.
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    Fanuc O-T issue

    It appears to have got hung up in the boot sequence. What is the background of the machine? Was it ok before it was moved to the current location?
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    Dayton 2 HP Electric Motor 115/230 Volts 3450 RPM Capacitor Start Single Phase AC Runs!

    I just asked because I have an attic fan motor in the shop where I can't seem to find anything but Chinese junk motors, to fit in that space as it is up in an exhaust vent and there isn't much of a way to alter the mounting. I am sick of changing it. I want to pay more and get a quality motor...
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    Rehiring an employee who quit?

    I allowed flexible work schedules when I was an OEM and had employees, but the way things were set up it was easy to pull off. Sometimes it just is efficient to operate in that manner.
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    Math in Manufacturing

    More than once I have handed someone $21 and the correct coinage when the bill was $11 and change and they will hand the dollar back and then give me $9 more.
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    New to CNC'ing Aluminum - Need Assistance

    On the 6061 make sure it is good quality, the stuff from China is crap.
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    Wanted, Grizzly G1001 Parts

    Isn't Grizzly just a rebranded item made who knows where in China? Wouldn't that make getting parts problematic? Probably better to just take measurements and find something on E-bay and make it fit.
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    Boring ID jaws

    You have to bore the jaws bigger than the work piece on a part that size I would go +.005/+.010. I would also bore at a positive taper smaller in the front bigger in the back.
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    Boring ID jaws

    You want to reverse the clamping if that is what you are asking and then cut just a little over size with a positive taper toward the back. How deep are you going?
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    Pricing for a simple job?

    Long ago in a land far away I had a customer who had a DC motor repair shop. If something needed machining above his hack skills I did the work. His quoting process was simple. If the item did not show any outward structural damage he would quote 50% of new without even taking it apart. Most his...