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    Shop hourly rate for large horizontal boring mills?

    Our shop is struggling lately to charge enough for our work. Insurance has gone through the roof. We don’t want to increase employee pay-in because of how strapped everyone is for money these days. We’ve given everyone a lot of raises over the last few years to retain good guys. We have large...
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    What’s the longest you’ve ever been “slow”?

    1/2-1/3 of your normal sales?
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    What’s the longest you’ve ever been “slow”?

    Our shop is showing signs of slowing down. We have a couple months worth of backlog but the new orders haven’t been coming in like they should be. I’m quoting a TON but not getting any PO’s. Ive reached out to old customers, etc and there’s not much in the pipeline right now. I’m not super...
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    How is everyone keeping track of time on jobs?

    We have a digital timeclock for payroll. We are doing job costing with them. Every job# that a machinist works on throughout the day he has to fill out a time card for and then we enter that onto a time sheet that corresponds with the job.
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    How is everyone keeping track of time on jobs?

    What we do is this: Every morning someone grabs the time cards out of a box mounted near the time clock. We sort them by customer, and then log the time onto the time sheets that we keep in folders in the office. Each job# on the shop floor has a time sheet that corresponds with it. This allows...
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    How is everyone keeping track of time on jobs?

    This is a very interesting idea. I'll look into it. Thanks!
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    How is everyone keeping track of time on jobs?

    We’re very high mix low volume. No government/aerospace. A big run for us is say 50pcs of one part but even that can be rare. We are looking into ERP softwares but the older generation here is totally against it.
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    How is everyone keeping track of time on jobs?

    We are a roughly 40 man shop that is still using paper time cards. My father and uncle have been doing it this way for years, but we feel like it's time to change. We aren't convinced an ERP system is right for us, but don't really know of any other options to track time on jobs. The time cards...
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    Employees are burning me out

    We’ve never had as much of an issue keeping employees happy as we’re having now. It seems like every day someone is quitting, is mad about something, or threatening to leave. Our shop is about 50 guys. We’re paying more than all the shops in the area. Our insurance pay in is like 1/3rd the cost...
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    Helping young Engineers, only to have them send work to China

    We lost a bunch of really nice work to China. Went about a year and then the customer sent us an RFQ for a “rework”. Ended up being one of the big rotors that they sent to China. China f****d up 12 of them. We told them we’d fix them for time+ materials at a shop rate of triple our normal. They...
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    What's the general feel in manufacturing? Recession?

    We’re slammed. 3-4 month backlog, but new orders are starting to slow up. We could use a little break. Guys are getting burnt out and machines are in dire need of PM…
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    Preventing rust on on machines parts inventory ?

    We use PB Blaster surface shield and it’s the best stuff we’ve found so far. Only problem is it’s hard to find… most of our suppliers are out of stock. Whenever I see it at Home Depot I buy a whole case. Try it out.