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  1. toolsteel

    On line machinist course

    Appears "Morris" will be the only one benefitting. Just as important as who thinks this course would ..."make yourself an indispensable part of the future of manufacturing ...." Is who in their right mind would hire someone who believes its a good idea? Can someone indicate a vise without having...
  2. toolsteel

    OT: hurt my lower back, seeking advice (or better yet a damn miracle!)

    Sort of a side note here....I have had back issues myself since I was about 30. The chiro thing helps me. I never got into the whole "keep coming" thing. I go when i need to go....i guess that was 4 times a year for quite a few years. I had open heart surgery for a prolapsed mitral valve when i...
  3. toolsteel

    8020 Principle

    Not gonna pretend to understand everything that goes into some of these decisions. I will say that the company I work for has some products that are sold at a break even price or even at a loss. They embrace the idea that if a customer has 15 items they want to buy and we only offer the 10 items...
  4. toolsteel

    OT: hurt my lower back, seeking advice (or better yet a damn miracle!)

    Around 1973 my Dad hurt his back at work. I remember visiting him in the hospital as a 6 year old. Dad followed the doctors advice by walking every day, stretching, ice etc. For the immediate pain they would load him up with muscle relaxers, pain killers etc. He avoided the drugs as much as he...
  5. toolsteel

    Kid’s Shops, then and now?

    I am more than willing to beat up on younger generations. However, to be intellectually honest I also have to give some props where they are deserved. There are some kids out there interested in building stuff. There are middle school programs where kids build and program robots for competition...
  6. toolsteel

    Problem with Fusion360 on Haas machine... Z height to start is too low.

    This may help https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rd-h0YA9IzQ
  7. toolsteel

    Finest finish achievable flat surface

    Since some of the discussion has involved lapping.... In a previous life (it seems) I worked for a defense contractor. One product we made was made from a special glass. The glass block got holes and various features machined into it. I operated a lap that was around 10' in diameter. We would...
  8. toolsteel

    What's the secret to stop chatter on a long 1" dia HSS end mill

    Couple thoughts....obviously i dont know the part or what you have available to use. Since it is a bore....I agree with the boring head idea. Or can you grab or fixture it in a lathe? Can you ry to "helix bore " it. I have had success helix boring with an endmill to reduce chatter. It gets some...
  9. toolsteel

    My customer just released a video showing off the robot hand I've been sweating over

    Having worked as a machinist for many years I feel qualified to say that you need to narrow it down a bit. I would say it already has those on the low end of the spectrum beaten.....add a pinch of arrogance and it will call itself a tool maker. Take away some of the social skills it demonstrated...
  10. toolsteel

    Renishaw TS27R tool setter assistance.

    Working from memory here so I dont remember the specifics ....just the concept. I also dont know your experience level. You said you used a dowel to set 0.....what exactly did you mean by that? The way I understand it you would need to know the gage length of that dowel / holder combination...
  11. toolsteel

    Fixturing and machining. How the hell?

    When I am doing projects like this I remember why I got interested in machining. Making a couple of bucks is why I stayed...but this is the sort of thing that got me interested.
  12. toolsteel

    What's your CAM system and your thoughts about it?

    I used Powermill for a couple of years...that was 5-10 years ago. My opinion of it then was that it made pretty complex things very easy....on the other hand it made things that should have been easy fairly cumbersome....just my opinion. It seems liks CAD systems can be divided into systems that...
  13. toolsteel

    Share your secret weapon! (Favorite milling tools - end mills, drills, indexable)

    Gibbs supports circle segment cutters as well. I have had no need to try it yet
  14. toolsteel

    Share your secret weapon! (Favorite milling tools - end mills, drills, indexable)

    I watched the vid. Looks good. Constructive criticism / question here....is there a reason your retract is so high? If not, knock that baby down to .05" or if your gonads are feeling especially large maybe .025". There will be some cycle time savings...maybe not much unless your making a...
  15. toolsteel

    What's your CAM system and your thoughts about it?

    Gibbscam. Happy with it. It does what we need it to. I like the fact that milling toolpaths, markers etc (the interface) looks the same as the turning and MTM interfaces. Happy with the support we have gotten for training and issues. Having Gibbs create and modify our post' is a positive and a...
  16. toolsteel

    Many still expecting doom

    During a downturn a few years ago an elderly relative decided they wanted to get out of a pretty conservative fund they had a few thousand dollars in. I told them I didnt think they should....yep they did....a few short months later they realized their mistake. The way I tried to explain it was...
  17. toolsteel

    Many still expecting doom

    Except for those on a fixed income. I highly doubt those in retirement will see a commensurate increase in their monthly checks. We will starve seniors to pay for kids not interested in actual work to go to school to all be activist'
  18. toolsteel

    ot. why are delivery companies becoming lame and sloppy?

    .50 caliber air rifle ???? Holy shit. Apparently i been under a rock....kinda want one now.:drool5:
  19. toolsteel

    Dual Spindles vs. Dual Lathes

    "probably going to overload the mill" This statement alone is possibly one of the most important. I dont want to preach but I believe that is called TAK time. In theory there is no reason to build parts any faster than the slowest process. In reality after building a certain amount of backlog...
  20. toolsteel

    A curious case of exploding end mills

    Can't say much that hasn't already been said about your recent issue. Thought that goes through my head when I get past sucj issues is to keep an eye peeled for other issues that come up on this machine in the near future that might point to a machine related common source... Not familiar with...