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    Powering a cnc

    or just put in a Phase Perfect (converts the single phase to quality 3 phase) and forget about the rest.
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    Quincy 325 Repair Manual

    All Quincy's manual are still available download from Quincy's site. Start here ; https://www.quincycompressor.com/literature-library/
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    Enco lathe

    Gates says that you don't need to "match".
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    Rotation problem with rotary phase converter

    yes, but take care you don't exceed the fuse/breakers of the small rpc. As others have said, your base problem is likely that the rpc is simply way undersized. Even at idle your lathe current will about 40% of the full rating (lousy power factor at low load.. before anyone tells me no :))...
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    Quincy 210 Compressor Repair/troubleshooting, very loud!!!

    The valves have no mechanical connection to the rotation of the crank or pistons. Check your end-float on the crank; it is set by spacers. I had one that clanged like that because it was assembled incorrectly. And all the usual like oil pressure, rod bearings, main bearings etc ,etc...
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    HDPE air line kits.....any users??

    Take care with pro-press. We use it by the mile (and love it), but if you are pressing on say female (or whatever) NTP for attachments you need to clamp or secure the fitting. They rotate easily on the pipe when threading on stubs (sure you can counter wrench, but...), and if you rotate by...
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    Can 17-4 loose its magnetism?

    sure it can... you are looking for what is called the "curie point" - that's the temperature when a material loses its magnetism. Not all that high. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curie_temperature Curie is likely around 700-720C, and you went through this on the way to annealing at 1038C...
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    Tapping 8mm x 1.25 help

    But you bought a "kit". Unless you have genuine helicoils (or exact equivalent) and STI alone wont help. STI <> coil is a matched set. I hate helicoils... went to Timeserts a long time ago and never looked back.
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    lenses in old gas regulators

    trepan your own lenses out of sheet on a lathe (stick the plexi down to a backer with double sided tape), then bevel. Polish (still on lathe) with various grit paper then "flame polish" (way easier than it sounds).
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    Quincy 350 Compressor won't build more than 20PSI...

    You don't need an account. I don't have one. Maybe that link doesn't work directly, but all I did was go to Qunicy's service section on their site, enter QR350 in the selection box and it showed them all.
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    Quincy 350 Compressor won't build more than 20PSI...

    I see multiple service manuals/parts list for the 350. The orginal from 1950, several later ROC 106 and above. https://www.revbase.com/TagTeam/Client/Gallery.asp?startat=1&keywords=Qr350&cs=0&ftm=0&groupids=39607#
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    Quincy 350 Compressor won't build more than 20PSI...

    Your 12-13 psi oil pressure seems low. Mine starts 25 plus cold and settles to 20 'ish when hot. Have you adjusted the oil pressure relief? Bad pump? Bad bearings?
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    air compressor pipe head to tank, is this copper ACR?

    I'm not having any problem finding 3/4 OD copper tube, 0.65 wall and others. It's soft, and for the type of bends you need bends by hand with a simple exterior coil spring bender. Even if you got "5/8" tube with 3/4 OD and 0.042 walls, it's rated for 632psi...
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    Quincy 310 ROC 21 compressor pump issue

    In case it helps... In my case the replacement springs were quite different to the original. Where the original was a vertical coil (they tend to cut into the holder) the newer are flat spirals. All seats ("guide tabs" above) in my 2 x 340's were badly worn. I made all new durabar cast...
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    Any shop vacuum designers on this site?

    I have a bosch.. same problem. Now costs over $500. On the other hand, it's sucked every type of nasty chip for 15 years, and apart from looking like crap (chips, filth, coolent etc. stuck on the outside), works great. I use the water-proof fabric bags, but take the bottom out and clip...
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    Compressor pullies - size/speed

    most quality compressors have an unloader - the motor is allowed to get up to speed before pumping starts. An 1800rpm motor of the same rated hp has 2x the torque of a 3600 rpm, but when you double the pully diameter the effective torque is halved. 3.7hp verses 5 - yep the 5 has more torque...
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    Compressor pullies - size/speed

    Are you sure about the 1850? 4 pole motors are 1800 (less slip at load so maybe 1750?), 2 pole motors are 3600 (3450 at rated load of 3.7hp). As above, 2x diameter of the old pully.
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    Automotive machining question…

    Look up "swagelok" fittings... https://www.superloknorthamerica.com/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-s29oM3M_AIVFxOtBh159gnaEAAYAiAAEgKuJvD_BwE They make "everything" so dig in the catalog for the 8mm joiners. We use them in critical applications all the time.
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    Bridgeport 6f powerfeed

    lightly oil anything that turns... like the shaft through. It will be fine. If your motor is ok (check, major failure point), you can retrofit a couple of other readily available controllers to make it functional. If you go to a later more typical drive type, you'll need the extension...
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    Plugging holes 101, plus a twist...

    That's what Timeserts are for. Will look like you intended to use them!