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  1. Steve in SoCal

    Inverter/frequency converter?

    I have a potential move to an area where the mains power is 380/50Hz. Some of my machines have inverters that can use that as native power however. I have a couple of welders that inspite of being inverters themselves want 60Hz power. The power needed for the bigger welder is 20KW. I...
  2. Steve in SoCal

    OT: Komatsu launches micro size electric excavator.

    I can see the utility of something like this. Regarding your trench, wouldn't a trencher have been a better choice? I had a water line put in a few years ago and they used a mini-ex. It was a straigh run about 250' the digging took far longer than a trencher would have taken with much...
  3. Steve in SoCal

    10EE ad, 1959 American Machinist

    My neighbor in Woodland Hills who just passed last year was a Hughes radar engineer with several patents. With all the airplane/ aerospace in SoCal from the 1930's- til? The place was rife with wonder machines. As a kid in the 1960's X-planes and the space race was in all around...
  4. Steve in SoCal

    Identify This vertical Mill

    It is a vertical head on a Milwaukee horizontial machine 2H or HL?
  5. Steve in SoCal

    just powered up new to me Hercules Ajax 14x60 with RPC. having a problem.

    Sounds like there is an electric brake on the spindle AND you are sending it the manufactured leg. Try switching the legs from the RPC
  6. Steve in SoCal


    Is the machine throttling up when you move the joystick? Try moving the joystick in all axis quickly AND disconnect-reconnect the control pendant
  7. Steve in SoCal

    Looking for someone with a ~12-15k lift near Cinci-Dayton, Ohio to receive and reload machine shipment

    You mention a heavy wrecker bringing a small forklift? I am lost? You mention a straight truck, do you have a way to unload the machines at your shop? Have the truck park near your shop and drive your material handling equipment TO the truck.
  8. Steve in SoCal

    Looking for someone with a ~12-15k lift near Cinci-Dayton, Ohio to receive and reload machine shipment

    Call a heavy wrecker service, cheaper than riggers and less hassle.
  9. Steve in SoCal

    1957 Model 61, help needed diagnosing quick change gearbox

    On my Series 62 the lever for feed/threads was loose when I got the machine, it would slip into the abyss and do what you mention. It was a detent spring IIRC that was bad?
  10. Steve in SoCal

    Rivett 1020S Restoration

    That is a fine piece of machinery, you did a wonderful job. I can relate the time creep in these jobs, my 10EE has been apart for going on two years!
  11. Steve in SoCal

    Small bridge crane options

    I know that the idea here is a low capacity system BUT, all overhead lifting equipment is built with a 5 or 6 to one safety factor. A stystem that is built to a low or no marging runs the risk of failure. A drop of just a few feet of an object can set off a chain of events. I am all for...
  12. Steve in SoCal

    Small bridge crane options

    I can't help with a vendor but, here are some things to consider. You mention a wood frame building, that means a stand alone crane. With the height you will need to make the crane viable a metal building or at least red iron frame will be a better choice. As mentioned the foundation will...
  13. Steve in SoCal

    Radial Arm Drill

    I have a war baby 13" 5' arm with 15HP and a V base. It was from Beechcraft and I think it was part of the Douglas A20/26 partnership. I is not huge but with two bases and 15HP very versatile
  14. Steve in SoCal

    Swapping drivetrain in an old Hyster...

    The Hysters with wet clutches have a scavange pump to remove oil from the bellhousing. Is that working? The other thing with wet clutches at least with mine, they are really hard cold. As far as using the Turbo 400 for reverse, not sure the gear box on the diff is OK going backwards?
  15. Steve in SoCal

    Genie Z34/22DC platform control problems.

    Sounds like the dead man switch in the basket?
  16. Steve in SoCal

    Ebay scammers getting lazy

    I agree that USPS is very good BUT, I do recall a few things that got lost. One thing I ordered and got refunded showed up several months later. I have had worse luck with Fed-ex ground, their system would insert the wrong zip code on my correct address. One and only one of their...
  17. Steve in SoCal

    quality mid-low cost 2K paint

    Paint thinner is mineral spirits for oil based paint and, lacquer thinner is for lacquer and many other paints that need thinner. An example in the old days I would use lacquer thinner with acrylic enamel as a fast reducer(quick drying) Today lacquer thinner is used more to clean paint...
  18. Steve in SoCal

    quality mid-low cost 2K paint

    Yes, Imron and Jet-Glow are the two paints that I recall being used to paint airplanes in my flying days. There are some marine paints that are great for machines as well. As someone noted, good and cheap don't generally go together. I am looking for a quality product that won't break the...
  19. Steve in SoCal

    quality mid-low cost 2K paint

    The weather is getting better for painting and I am still considering the options, keep them comming. To answer the question of PPE, I have a supplied air full face mask and use disposable over garments when painting. The safety aspects of using any paints are part of the process. I have...