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    Fanuc 21-I two start thread.

    Twice the pitch that you have specified above is 1.168 not 1.137 that you have in the G76 Blocks, therefore, either the Feed Rates in the G76 Cycle Blocks are wrong (the Lead of the Thread), or the Pitch of 0.584 is wrong. The Pitch of a Thread equals the Lead divided by the number of Thread...
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    How to determine rigid tapping is available

    Are you trying to rigid tap the way 13engines implies below? I can't imagine a scenario where that would be a preferred method, when, if the control does have Rigid Tapping for either the Main or Sub Spindle, the tap could be held in a turret tool holder. With a plain 2 axis Turning Centre...
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    Internal Spline Broaching

    Normally the person creating the program would round coordinates, linear or rotary, to the Least Programmable Increment of the control, and in your example, whether the control was to round to, or truncate the value to the Least Programmable Increment (if it is 0.001 degree), the result would be...
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    Internal Spline Broaching

    What is the material, the above doesn't describe it. It will be either a casting, or a forging, but out of what type of material. If its a true "C" axis, the Least Programable Increment will be 1/1000th of a degree, with a fourth decimal point, if programmed, being omitted and not rounded to...
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    Fanuc OT dual tool holder 2 offsets?

    It's a parameter setting to specify whether the Tool Geometry Offset is specified by the Leading or Trailing two digits of the Tool and Offset callup. Is your Control a circa 1990's or more current, for the parameter number is different for the two models. Regards, Bill
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    macro help

    No such feature in HAAS, FANUC, MITSUBISHI and other's User Macro to do that, but the PO's macro statements could be compressed using the following: #1=1 (INITIALISE COUNTER) WHILE [#1 LT 8] DO1 #2 = #[7003 + 20 * #1] IF [#2 GT #7003] THEN #7003 = #2 #1 = #1 + 1 (INDEX COUNTER) END1
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    What does it take to put BT40 tooling into a Fadal 4020 with cat40?

    Hello Kevin, Yes, it would be craziness and downright poor design practice for the machine builders not to make their machines easily configured for either system during the build and just as crazy for pull stud manufactures to decide, let's make pull studs to our own standard, requiring...
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    What does it take to put BT40 tooling into a Fadal 4020 with cat40?

    Perhaps not for every single machine that has been made in the history of Tool Gripping via a pull stud, but for the overwhelming array of machine tools, yes, the solution is to purchase the correct style of Pull Stud for the make of machine, no shimming required. And no, that's not it with...
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    What does it take to put BT40 tooling into a Fadal 4020 with cat40?

    In your Post #36, you replied to my rebuttal of atex57 suggestion of going with a loose Pull Stud to adjust its position on a BT 40 tool holder to be the same as a CT 40. Then there was ramcanyon suggesting that shimming the Pull Stud will be required to run a mixture of BT and CT in the one...
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    What does it take to put BT40 tooling into a Fadal 4020 with cat40?

    As Gregor states it and your Maritool link confirms that. Of course only one length would be offered for every type of particular pull stud. Machine Spindles and Tool Holder are made to close tolerances, and therefore, if the pull studs are made to reasonably close tolerances, there would be no...
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    What does it take to put BT40 tooling into a Fadal 4020 with cat40?

    That's got to be amongst the dumbest and potentially dangerous advice I've seen publish in quite a while and totally unnecessary if the correct Pull Stub for the particular machine for the Tool Holder style is used.
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    What does it take to put BT40 tooling into a Fadal 4020 with cat40?

    BT Tooling is the norm in Australia, and over the years, I've converted quite a few used machines brought in from the US, that were configured for CT, to BT. The length of the taper, from the Gauge Line to the end of the taper that accepts the pull stud is circa 4mm shorter for the BT tool...
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    G20/21 offset values converting FANUC 6T

    Hello Bodo, Via a short program or via MDI, execute the following command: #1=100.0 If the control executes that without an alarm, your control has the User Macro feature. Another way of determining if the control has the User Macro feature is that there will be screen pages to view and register...
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    G20/21 offset values converting FANUC 6T

    Hello Bodo, The control won't do the conversion and there is no parameter to set to make it do so. If your control is equipped with the User Macro function, a quite simple Macro Program can be written to convert the existing Offset from Imperial to Metric and vice versa, thus saving to the...
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    Hardinge T42 Work Shift vs Work Offset Question (Fanuc 18T Control)

    G10 is a method of setting G54 - G59; it's not a substitute for setting those offsets. It depends on the arguments included with G10 in the Command Block as to the Offsets it sets. G54 - G59 Work Offsets are options that have to be paid for. Many MTB include them as if a standard feature, but...
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    Straight compensation for turning on Fanuc 32i

    Yes. I suspect that the Offset adjustment would follow as to whether the control was set for Diameter or Radius programming via Setting 285. Setting for Diameter or Radius programming is also available via parameters setting for Fanuc Controls, which is what the Settings are to a HAAS control...
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    Variable macro / Tool life management seeing each other

    Purely on a count per tool operation that would work, but unless the OP's control can access a Variable or Parameter to determine the end of tool life, a simple Macro could be created to closely mimic Tool Wear monitoring. 1. Create a Custom Macro that is called with "G01" (register the...
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    Work co ordinate setup

    Hello rj, Yes, it's only redundant until you have a situation like the OP, where the Work Shift Offset is set to the default Offset when Reset is executed' For the sacrifice of the little memory consumed by including this information with every tool, it's made up many fold by the ease of being...
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    Work co ordinate setup

    I suspect that you continue the program from the start of a Tool Operation, rather than in the middle of machining part of the Tool Operation. It could be unsafe to try and start the program part way through the cutting part of a tool operation, unless you know exactly what you're doing, for...
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    Error RS232C_2

    As Kevin suggests, that's a band aid fix at best. Slow the baud rate down enough and the program can be sent successful with no handshaking whatsoever. As mentioned in my previous Post, buffer overflow is uncommon when transmitting a program to the memory of the control, if the RS232 protocol...