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  1. lazz

    Need help Southbend model 14

    A picture or 2 will get you an answer. it could be for a coolant pump, maybe a light, it may have powered a RPC. I have a switch on a rockwell mill.... its for the wall wart that powers the dro.. Your machine has been out in the wild for around 50 years.... it could be anything... . follow the...
  2. lazz

    Clausing Shear Pin

    I used bare copper wire for a long time..
  3. lazz

    Best metal lathe for a rookie?

    I will offer the advice ... Just because it worked on youtube doesnt mean the video was honest. The end product for many of these so called creators is views. Not a usable tool.
  4. lazz

    Need help Southbend model 14

    The reeves drive is a pair of pulleys. One has a spring the other is adjustable.. it can collapse or expand. When they say dont mess with a reeves drive without the machine running it is to prevent damage to the belt. Here is a noisy example. FYI I would guess the biggest problem with a reeves...
  5. lazz

    wtb NMTB 30 end mill holders

    I have several nmtb 30 shell mill arbors and a couple 1 1/4" end mill holders. Let me know if you are interested and I will get some pictures.
  6. lazz

    OT: Where did everyone go?

    Thank you to everyone who posted in this thread.... The hardest thing for a socially awkward person like me is knowing if I missed something or is the world as problemed as is seems. This thread is saying I didnt miss some clue.. It is a troubled time.
  7. lazz

    WTB: Clausing 5900 series Tailstock

    Notice the ad mentions a spare tailstock. Craigslist is still a good place to check.
  8. lazz

    quick change tool holder

    Thank you ... No more fumbling with a tapmatic.
  9. lazz

    Blind Broach Standalone Machine

    Do it in a drill press.
  10. lazz

    quick change tool holder

    What type are the collets as in We1 or Bilz? I looked up the holder and a lot of information but nothing about the collets. Lastly do you have a list of the collet sizes? No I dont need a taping head... I am interested in buying everything depending on the collet types and sizes...
  11. lazz

    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    " Those that can do, those that cant teach" Your comment makes me sorry I didnt attend more school board meetings.
  12. lazz

    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    Your comment makes me wonder how much influence the gender confused have.
  13. lazz

    Uniforce clamps. 1/4 X 20 and 8X32

    Dunno... They were sold to me as Mitee Bite.. But there are no labels anywhere so I do not feel comfortable calling them such. They came from an online buy. By the time they got here I had a different idea for the project using stuff on hand. Instead of sitting on a shelf here I decided to find...
  14. lazz

    Logan forward and reverse handle needed

    It looks something like this... If you visit Keith Ruckers Vintage machinery web site you can find several part manuals Here is a parts list for a 820 On page 5 on the top you will see the part you are looking for. Its called LA-4 Reverse Gear Assembly A while back I cast the locking lever...
  15. lazz

    Uniforce clamps. 1/4 X 20 and 8X32

    They are new in unlabeled bags, These have a round wedge unlike the Mitee Bite which have a tapered wedge. The 1/4x20 are very similar to Mitee Bite 8693A62. 6 to a package $33 per bag plus shipping. 4 available The 8 X 32 are a little shorter than the 8693A61 @ only .500 tall as opposed...
  16. lazz

    Contactors and transformers.

    The only way they would sell me the Vidmars was if I took all the contents. And here is the best stuff in the cabinets. First up is a collection of questionable contactors . All of them that fit in a Large Flat Rate box shipped for $65 Next are new contactors There are 3 NIB Square D...
  17. lazz

    Number and letter drill bits

    Watch out for the postage, The last medium flat rate sized box from Perth to Phoenix was more than $100 US
  18. lazz

    OT..OSHA Scaffold

    When I worked with scaffolding the tag system was all about who got the blame for anything that happened with or on a scaffolding. Scaffold had to be inspected daily before use. If I recall correctly green was for usable complete scaffolds, anyone could with permission could use it yellow was...