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    What Is Your LEAST Favorite Tool

    Ran a Bullard VTL once; once was enough!
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    Can a Cutter be Made?

    TK, you made a lovely knife for me, very nice work btw. Loveless pattern NY Special, white micarta scales The problem with a vertical cutter is at the cutter centerline the velocity of the cutter is essentially zero.... ie crappy cut quality, you are going to need to do this with a horiz...
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    Help with buying a replacement switch.

    I presume the 3 ph; forward / reverse switch? https://machinerypartsdepot.com/product/oc-controls-drum-switch-043-0042/
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    "I have had them covered always, and I spray them down with oil every year that’s why they look dirty."

    As someone who occasionally works on Wright R3350's I was more amused by the B29 starter motor.ad
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    SB Skinner 6" 4-Jaw Chuck 2-1/4-8 Adapter Plate

    Gman, I think I can find a use for that 4J chuck, where are you located?
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    FS: Southbend 13" War Effort with 3 & 4-jaw chucks Nevada City, CA

    The Hitachi is a loose but very high quality adaptation of a K&T 2CH, great ergonomics! How about photos of the radial arm drill press and the band saw; I'm in North Auburn.
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    Gorton 375-2 casting repaint/surface finish question

    Lots of paper for the DA and in-line sanders. Either make it perfect or make it look like you don't care. But, if you want to be original, Gorton paint was damn near automotive quality.
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    Wanted "compact 4J chuck" - Direct Mount 2-1/4" x 8

    Title tells the tale, I need a direct mount "compact" independent 4 jaw chuck for a small fixture. Mount 2-1/4" x 8 tpi.
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    Tool Grinding Block

    Perhaps the old "collet-block" fixture and setting gage that South Bend sold with their lathes for "relief-angles" on single point tool grinding. There is someone who posts here, doing a reproduction.
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    Not trying to rain on anyone's parade, but the last import I purchased new, from a very reputable seller had to come apart and get the top and bottom lightly kissed on the surface grinder before use. Where-as the real deals are generally accurate enough to gang up on one table right out of the...
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    Thompson Grinder and Antique Hydraulic Seals

    In a pinch, "buna quad rings" perhaps.
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    Tilting Mill Vise

    Ditto, I have a Yuasa that repeats, it's angularity is moderated by an adjustable truss rod in addition to the usual joints you snug. Buy one cry once!
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    Mill Guarding

    How bout like this, my knee mill at home, more to keep the mess and chips at bay and out of the house. Pretty sure this passes muster.
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    Sharpening drills from ¾" to 1"

    There is an adjustble cam on the nose that will give various lifts, rt hand or left hand, depending upon how it is adjusted. A ring mounts to the spindle with followers, one follower for each flute.. 1 follower, 2 follwower fiingers, etc...... I think I can do up to five flutes but. And from...
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    Sharpening drills from ¾" to 1"

    Harig Step-Tool fixture, as indicated I have one complete, so we can clone any missing parts (within reason) Here is a liink to one for sale. IF you can fit a drill into a 5C collet you can sharpen in. Bought mine new in the early 80, no documentation from Harig.... it was very much a take...
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    Wtb Volstro shaper slotter or similar

    Duke, If this is a one off on a knee mill,then their is already a hand stroke mechanism in place on the quill anything you add is simply going to be additional slop and hysteresis. Just sayin.
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    Sharpening drills from ¾" to 1"

    Rimcanyon Our friend Tom Lipton had a Harig cam fixture that takes 5C tooling missing parts. I have a complete one that we could clone cams from. That would do 1" spiral drills.
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    Wtb Volstro shaper slotter or similar

    The Volstro slotter was only for the lightest imaginable work in the most compliant material. You'e better off getting someone to burn via edm, I have a Bport with an E-head (slotter) it's more robust but still not cost effective if you are trying to make money on this. I'd not sell the...
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    Problems with TIG on Mild Steel

    I was gong to say that was either high carbon or leaded steel.
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    Hammond Vertical Belt Sander

    Pro bally the most used machine in my shop!