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    Rare Kent angle surface grinder at HGR

    The angle adjustment procedure was to complicated so they never took off. It involved pacing a single fork an exact distance from the spindle c/l and centering the cross travel then using a yard stick to calculate the correct lift. I know it is basic trig but most grinder hands would rather...
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    Aloris tool block set screw size

    I checked this morning and all the import CXA clones have a 10x1 mm fine thread screw. The oversize import holders have a 12x1.5 mm fine thread. The Aloris have 3/8 x 24 thread. To solve the problem of the mixed screws I made a simple combination wrench 5mm x 3/16". I just realised that I was...
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    Yuasa 550-007 buy or pass?

    Vertex ro tabs have the option to use the same plates and sector as their dividing heads(which are a copy of the B&S heads). I didn't get them with mine but found a set and adapted them so it works just like a regular dividing head. I also have a d/head that came with my old Rockford h/mill that...
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    Thanks to Maynah

    Those Ringfeder couplings work really well. However I have never used them on any thing larger than 2".They claim to be better than a key. Slow tapers are about the best, hard to beat but if the oe design has no provision for a clamp bolt or nut then that is another problem. All of those pin /...
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    Aloris tool block set screw size

    More likely 1,0 fine pitch. And metric will be 5mm instead of 3/16 hex , so 3/16 will be sloppy. I've got a bunch of mixed ones at the shop. If I can remember I'll check tomorrow. I made some out of all thread some time ago but I've got CRS real bad.
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    Yuasa 550-007 buy or pass?

    Didn't work stand up because it didn't have a right angle base included ? I have a Vertex rotary that has a 90 deg base I adapted a set of plates off my BS copy 40/1 dividing head. Had to cut some gears that none of the plates had the correct hole pattern for a 40/1 but would work on the ro...
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    smaller quality knee mill

    Wells Index made some with out the ram, same as the regular mils. That would give you a short but very capable mill. A friend just bought one and he is very happy with it.
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    Troubleshooting Pneumatic Cylinder

    Check and replace the bushing also when replacing the seal. You're in luck , I believe that is a Festo cylinder. They have an excellant online catalog. Log in and put the pn in and it will have a list of spare parts available.
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    VFD and motor bearing damage

    It has been a problem with some FWD wheel bearings on some small cars with improper grounding. Don't remember which ones. Basically when currents are conducted across the bearings the arcing causes pits in the balls and races. Not the magnitude of welding a bead by any means. Any bearing that is...
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    Tool Grinding Block

    Here is a pretty neat one. The lighting is to bright. The center tool holder rotates locked by a bolt in the rear. Made by Casey Tools.
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    Stronger magnets for mag bases

    I wrote up awhile ago about putting neiodeium magnets in a mag v block. It used cylinder magnets and I had to stack two different thickness to match the old Alnico mags. I think I ended up with three 50b pull magnets. Probably 3/4 times stronger than it was when new. They don't loose their...
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    Doall ML vertical saw

    There is a 3 part u-tube video called DoAll gear box repair by rotarysmp. Will show you all about them.
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    Doall ML vertical saw

    I had mine apart over 20 years ago and they are really simple. Mine had a weird problem, the sliding hi low gear would move far enough in one direction to allow the woodruff key to come out and lose is drive, like in neutral. Don't remember what I did to correct it. I just had the shops Kysor...
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    Dykem Blue changing color?

    Glad you guys replied. At my age whenever I mention something strange happening and all I get is dumbfounded looks and silence! I retreat to my corner and say to self "I surely can't be the only one this shit happens to". When ever out of frustration I would say" O My God" Dear old MIL would...
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    Replacement surface grinder

    The Navy paid over 70K for it in 1970. So they definately were not a cheepie. The table will actually travel 30" but I suppose the extra 3" on either end is for cross feed time. I'll turn 80 this year and I'm probably going to retire at the end of the year and it is just big for my home shop.
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    Dykem Blue changing color?

    Just thought it was strange. Have had some a lot longer and never changed. Joe Gwinn probably a lot better for the environment or maybe just cheaper not like dangerous and hazzardus stuff we learned to love and grew up with.
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    Dykem Blue changing color?

    Went to use my Dykem blue and the color was a pale blue almost no color. Last time a month ago it was normal dark blue. I thought maybe the pigment settled out but there isn't any in the bottom of the plastic jar.Stored in a unlit cabinet. No big deal I'll just order some more. I have had the...
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    Replacement surface grinder

    I have a Grand Rapids (G&L) 460 14"x24"x14" that I will need to sell in the next year. It spent its life at NAS Jax since new in 1970.I have all the manuals and the the Bill of Sale. It still has all the scraping visible so I don't know if it was rescraped or just had little use.NAS Jax...
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    Belt Drive theory and basic knowledge ... for a practical example

    If you apply a 100lb force on a lever attached to an non moving shaft how much HP is developed? I'll help you out NONE.Now revolve the shaft with the same force at any steady revolution and then HP is easly calculated. No different than a 10k lb rock sitting on the ground , no hp is developed...
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    Ongoing unrest in Russia

    Another amazing feat is the Voyager 1 & 2 still working after 46 years. Talk about long distance calls. This was only 17 years after the Apollo program. They lost communication on V 2 over a 2 deg error on the antenna. What the heck is a few degrees over a few billion miles anyway. I haven't...