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    Micrometer spindle not clamping to handle

    There's a keyway on the barrel and a plastic key that slides as the mic is opened and closed and rotates the blocks in the window. You may have to rotate one way or another before engaging the keyway. But the mic is looking a lot nicer now.
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    Micrometer spindle not clamping to handle

    Some layers of tape would provide a grip on the surface and protect it from the pliers you may have to use. Since it's a brass/steel interface you can be assured the joint is not rusted tight. The very slight compressability of the plastic sleeve provides some holding tension but you shouldn't...
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    Micrometer spindle not clamping to handle

    Do you see that smooth cap just to the right of the plastic window? It screws off and will pass over the knurl to its right. The plastic sleeve will also then be removable.
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    WTB Huge Tap Wrench

    I've go this thing, which is actually a die holder but might fit your size requirements. You'd need to contrive an insert to hold the taps but the rest is large and robust. It actually came with a set of NF adjustable dies from 1/4" - 5/8" so I'm puzzled why it needed such a big crank
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    Steady Rest Repair

    Just a guess, but Babbitt would be more likely than plain lead for a bearing point. You can buy Babbitt from several industrial suppliers, melt it and cast new bearings as needed. Without seeing a picture I couldn't be more specific.
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    0-25mm Micrometer's Calibration & Graduations

    First make sure the anvils are clean. The traditional way, after wiping off any big chunks with fingers, is to close the mic on a piece of clean paper or cardstock tightly enough that your can JUST pull the paper out. Then make sure that the readings are repeatable. Close it several times on...
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    Straight edge materials and stiffness

    Rich, give it a rest! Denis said nothing about you or your straightedges. And admitting that you jumped in with a long comment without actually reading what he wrote does your credibility no good at all.
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    Straight edge materials and stiffness

    The one instance where stiffness might be applicable is in use as a Planekator to map a surface plate relative to a verified flat plane. In theory at least one could use a known flat straightedge, calculate the sag at a specific span, then map the surface plate and compensate for the sag error...
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    Straight edge materials and stiffness

    There will probably be a lot of answers and opinions, but two right off the top. First, steel is harder to work with for the structural shapes you would want for a straightedge or a ribbed surface plate. Second, steel is a lot harder and more annoying to scrape.
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    Edge finder flat

    Mine doesn't have a flat, was that a manufacturing defect? Or maybe it was made before flats were invented. Regardless, it works for me
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    Tool Grinding Block

    He might be thinking of something like this, made as a shop project. It's intended for threading bits so 60 degrees. Side clearance on one end, none on the other. I might actually use it if I had a surface grinder.
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    New Featherweight Prism Design in the Works! 12" Length.

    I just assumed that was part of the plan for weight reduction. :D
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    Help with a Bradford Lathe

    Take a look here for some background information on Bradford machines. http://www.lathes.co.uk/bradford/ At the bottom of the page they say they have diagrams that might help if you match your model. Good luck, there's work ahead of you.
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    Fixing torn plastic case

    Some plastics just age into brittleness and nothing that I know of can restore the original flexibility.
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    Boring and Honing Machines for Sale

    I used to run a Moore jig grinder. Beautiful machine. I'd buy both of them just to enjoy if I had any place to put them.
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    OK you guys. Who is making bank in these bushings>

    Heck, I'd do that for them for $89,000.
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    Ensuring the coat of prussian blue on the granite is thick enough, but not too thick

    This guy makes an ink spreader with a turned knob, cotton waste and a muslin cover cinched with a couple rounds of wire. He said when the muslin wears out it's easy to replace. And he keeps it in a tubular container away from swarf.
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    Have Canode upped their game yet?

    I've seen staining on parts marked up with Canode, diluted with Windex and unintentionally left for a long time. Humidity can be a problem here, especially the annoying changes from cold weather to warm, humid gulf air where everything sweats overnight. So that might be a reasonable hypothesis...
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    Starrett goes private

    Don't expect the rich to be generous. They didn't get rich by being generous. The money they spend is to acquire more for themselves, not for any benefit to you. If they advocate for lower taxes, it's not to relieve the tax burden on the lower classes.
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    New Accu-Finish owner questions

    That was a Chinese carbide grinder that I modified. The green wheels that came with it I thought were just above worthless so I modified it to put a diamond wheel on one end and a cast iron lap on the other. It an ideal world it would run a little slower, but it does a perfectly good job of...