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    460v to 230v

    I have done it, It worked with no load.
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    Can a frozen Reeves drive on a Powermatic 221 planer feed be repaired without removing the feed drive motor?

    If someone wants to do this modification, I have the dc gearmotor and controller for sale.
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    I am at my supplier today paying $48/bd ft for 4/4 teak.

    I used to sell hardwood lumber. Man if I could have gotten those kind of prices.:drool5:
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    Can a frozen Reeves drive on a Powermatic 221 planer feed be repaired without removing the feed drive motor?

    I had the same problem with my Powermatic planer, I tore out the whole reveeves drive and replaced it with a dc gear drive. Problem solved. Plus more power to the cutterhead.
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    Torque difference between 1PH and 3PH motor

    I have tested both 3 phase and 1 phase motors on a dyno, no difference.
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    Contact cleaner a word of warning

    I sprayed my Fluke VOM with contact cleaner because the switches were getting sticky. When I picked it up the next day, it fell apart in my hand. I really liked that meter.
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    OT: Good garden hose, Craftsman RIP

    I bought the black Goodyear hose at Home Depot.
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    460 motor to 230

    I have dug out the star point in the past. Some are easy, others, not so. This is an unusual motor in that that the connections were made in the front. All the ones I have worked on in the past, the connections were in the rear.
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    460 motor to 230

    Thanks for replying Froneck. No I won't take it back. It was my mistake, I will just live with it. It was a guy selling out a factory, He did not know anything about motors It can be changed but not without a lot of work, I was hoping someone had an easier way. f
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    460 motor to 230

    No, it is 460 v I tested it. The end cap has been removed to see what I am up against. Thanks for responding.
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    460 motor to 230

    I bought a 7.5 hp 3 phase motor to turn into a phase converter, the motor plate stated 230/460 V. but when I opened the connection box, there was only 3 wires. Evidently the motor had been rewound for 460V. only, Is there an easy way to change this?
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    Ot- are there scams run by buyers on FB marketplace?

    I have come to the conclusion that if something has not got a lot of value. It is better to just give it away. Sometimes, it is not worth the hassle.
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    Well crap - I am ordering a SawStop tomorrow. (Mildly graphic pictures)

    I used to sell hardwood lumber, I came in contact with a lot of woodworkers. One guy came in with no fingers on his right hand. I asked how it happened, he told me that he was using a skillsaw and sat it on a chair, he saw it start to fall, so he went to grab it. One hand grabbed the trigger...
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    Run capacitor for a DIY 600V rotary phase converter

    If you take 370 volt caps and wire them in series, they will become 740 volt caps but the mfd will be one half of the stated value.
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    A few more notes on Viet Nam, As far as talking or not talking about it. I feel I have an obligation to set the record straight, and to counter the army ads, such as the ones that say " be all you can be " yea right. Most guys in VN were not combat. maybe only one in ten were combat troops. The...
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    3 phase converter help

    Not over 3 seconds for electrolytic caps. That is the rot.
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    3 phase converter help

    The potential relay may be stuck, and keeping the start caps in the circuit
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    I hesitate to post here. Sometimes it is like painting a target on your back. But I think I can add something to the discussion, I was in Viet Nam, in the cavalry. In one of thermites posts he talked about dismantling a NVA bomb. nobody would do that, if we found ordinance we blew it in place...