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    Cut Knurling

    Looks to me like the height adjustment on the tool shifted, notice the difference in the two cross helices. Another consideration might be that aluminium, being softer than steel has less 'drive' & the cutters are not equal in their demands on that score. Personally I use neat cutting oil when...
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    oversized inch standard with micrometer. How can i get it corrected?

    What does it say on the standard that came with the micrometer? Mitutoyo generally state the the oversize/undersize. Often the standards are on-size within the tolerance Mitutoyo deem appropriate but not always. Any stated deviation on the standard will be simply the setting deviation on the...
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    Cutting undersize, what to check on Hercus 9” Lathe

    Good to see you're following the rule of help seekers here, 'never tell the whole story'. What's the material comprising your 12mm 'rod'? Is it aluminium alloy, mild steel, brass, 4140, stainless, molybdenum? What? RPM? Feed? 3 to 4 thou is pretty excessive spindle clearance on a small lathe...
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    Moka Funnel Deep drawing

    The idea of a university project is to force you to do your own research, that does not involve asking others how. You are supposed to use your imagination, picture how processes work, experiment, and so on. If that doesn't appeal you're in the wrong course.
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    Spindle play on needle bearings

    Guess so, but I'd say you'd be a bit more confident if some more Deckelites chipped in with their readings.
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    Spindle play on needle bearings

    Hi Peter, end play no idea, but back in '86 I measured the radial play on the vertical spindle of a brand new FP1, 10 microns cold which surprised me. This was a university's (my employer) machine. I was used to preload on machine spindle bearings. Anyhow the machine performed perfectly for the...
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    Help with stamping die design

    Post # 10 first para- WRONG! Post #2 is absolutely correct. Sorry about the bold, dunno how that happened?
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    Perform manual heating and thermal cutting - Non Metallic

    Read the instructions. It's a trick question .. work it out. PS: I guess 'manual heating' is wanking?
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    Cutting Glass With Wire EDM

    OP says 'a rainbow diffraction grating' so he's looking at ~ 600 lines/mm or roughly lines 1.5 microns wide. Good luck with that. Have a close look at a DVD or a CD, that's what you need to achieve.
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    Cutting Glass With Wire EDM

    I don't believe any method other than 'ruling' with a sharp diamond will work with glass. Forget EDM, it won't work. Plastic gratings I believe are cast. Everything mitigates against hot pressing for glass. It took the pioneers of grating manufacture a lot of blood sweat & tears, I doubt you'll...
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    chatter with form tool at low speed

    Well thanks for the kudos pcd but, c'mon you can't put me on a podium with Ross, I can barely see his boots. I did cut a bit of 1" dia 1020 or 1030 yesterday, chucked it in the Myford (worst case scenario?) & repeated the expt @ 400 rpm the 'correct' speed for mild steel vs HSS, & again @ 600...
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    chatter with form tool at low speed

    Exactly. If a Myford can do it there's something drastically wrong with either the OP's technique or his machine, that's the point. Oh, I did try it on the Chipmaster, same tool same metal, superior finish to Myford's at 400rpm, 600, & finally 1000. No chatter at all. Seems D1 is OK. Tried...
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    chatter with form tool at low speed

    I think check your spindle's radial play, incredible that a machine with pedigree would behave like that. After reading down to post # 23 (???) I went out to the shop & offhand ground a tool bit to 0.25 R, put it on the .......MYFORD ..chucked a bit of 3/4" dia steel (not Ledloy, won't have...
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    Machinist V.S. Toolmaker

    In Oz, & I suspect UK, it used to be machinist, fitter & turner, toolmaker. instrument maker, going up in grade left to right, where each could do anything those to his left could do plus .... In fact 'machinist' was a more or less derogatory term, usually describing someone who operated a...
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    Selling a lathe is my price fair?

    Sounds like a bargain from here.
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    Anybody make a small bevel protractor?

    For small angles such as die draft how about a Starrett #457 Improved Diemaker's Square calibrated 0 +/- 10* ?
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    Sidney Half Nut Repair and Other Issues

    Yep, 29 degrees, 1 1/8" nominal major diameter (1.123" actual). Looked up the Sidney .. very impressive machine. And here's where I lose any cred .. when I cut my one & only Acme thread 38 years ago I used exactly the method you outlined in your 'if doing it again' piece. I had a few luxuries...
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    Major Rusting Issues In Our Building All Of A Sudden??

    Regarding the forklift comment, I was thinking exhaust fumes if gas, battery fumes if electric, but now you mention Delrin fuming .. that & the hydrochloric acid are prime suspects.
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    Major Rusting Issues In Our Building All Of A Sudden??

    Yeah Trike used to go 'sour', atmospheric moisture hydrolyses it to hydrochloric acid. But back on topic, while I'm 100% with the anti-muriatic/hydrochloric acid bunch .. you haven't acquired a forklift in the last 6 months?
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    Sidney Half Nut Repair and Other Issues

    Hi Peerless, thanks for that info. I did get off my butt & used the search function on the forum & found a link posted by guythatbrews (thanks to him too) which agrees with you. Judging from the wear in my Chippy's half-nut it wasn't ever centralising (in concert with the support bush) but I...