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    Tool for cutting SS wire

    If i had that much space in my garage I'd rather get a Tormach 1100M.
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    Tool for cutting SS wire

    I blast for my friends / for fun.
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    Tool for cutting SS wire

    I bought a reasonably powerful and reasonably cheap electric nibbler. Will see if i can make it cut ss wire the way i want..
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    Tool for cutting SS wire

    I thought the answer would be similar to what you said, but was hoping that maybe there was like cheap Chinese cutter thing...
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    Tool for cutting SS wire

    I've been shopping for stainless steel grit and it is surprisingly hard to find and has outrageously high shipping costs. Comes out to about $400 for 55lb bag. There is a ton of SS mig wire on ebay at like 1/10th the price. So i though may be i can buy an electric cutter that i can feed the SS...
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    Stainless Steel grit blasting

    So, i found a 25Kg of SS grit online for $225 only to have my order cancelled. All other listings i am seeing are like $300 for 25lb, so 3x more expansive... Anyhow, my 2 questions are: 1. is there a better place, store, to buy ss grit at reasonable price? I just need enough to fill up a hopper...
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    Super glue not drying

    OP, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyanoacrylate As cyanoacrylates age, they polymerize, become thicker, and cure more slowly. They can be thinned with a cyanoacrylate of the same chemical composition with lower viscosity.[31] Storing cyanoacrylates below 0 °F (−18 °C) will nearly stop the...
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    How do you handle people touching your tools.

    With a pair of live 220V wires
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    Two part epoxy humor

    Currently working in aviation, LOVE your story. If the adhesive was actually good and you ruined the test; that kind of sucks, but if the adhesive was shit, no reason to not have some fun along the way.
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    Ultrasonic Parts Cleaner for Cleaning Bearings

    I have been using ultrasonic cleaner 9L 540W for over 10 years now (paid $400 in 2011). I like it for certain applications but by no means it is a miracle worker for all applications. Choosing the correct solvent for the specific part is still 90% of the job. As far as aggressiveness of the...
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    Recommendations for GOOD heat resistant gloves

    While looking for heat resistant gloves to use for tig welding, i was not able to find a good pair that can handle heat. I can lay a ceramic fiber blanket on my hand and blast it with propane torch without feeling anything with my hand just a 1/4 of an inch deeper, but for some reason was not...
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    Need a better oil free air compressors

    I have been running 2x california air 1hp 8 gal compressors for a few years to do small scale glass bead blasting. They are still alive, but are rated for like 5000hrs. Point being; oilless works well if you do not need a bunch of power and you are ok with 5,000hr life. My compressors were only...
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    How much useful information can i glean from almen test in blasting cabinet

    I did get the saturation curve solver from shotpeener and i am getting intensity around 6-8 from different sheets they have at 60 psi. Figured the initial 90 psi setting was way too high. I did put a magnetic strip onto a 1/4" steel plate and am using that to hold the strip while blasting...
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    How much useful information can i glean from almen test in blasting cabinet

    It did plateau at around 20 thou, 30s was 24, 60s was 21... I think i was running at way too high of a psi setting, 100psi. Going to repeat at 60 psi to see if i can get a more sensible curve. How long do shot peening operations at say 10A intensity usually run? 2x, 3x, 10x of saturation time...
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    How much useful information can i glean from almen test in blasting cabinet

    How much useful information can i glean from almen test in blasting cabinet? I am playing with some steel bead S-170 blasting. Bought a set of almen type A strips on ebay. measuring thickness, prebend and final bend using a mahr indicator (good to 0.00005") on starret surface plate i get the...
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    Stainless Steel grit blasting

    Well, everything makes dust, but i get allot more of it from 220 grit SiC than say 80 grit beads (glass or steel).
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    Stainless Steel grit blasting

    Ummm.... how do you make stainless steel without iron?
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    Stainless Steel grit blasting

    So, i am rather interested in steel bead and steel grit blasting due to their longevity and dust less operation. Stainless steel grit seems like an ideal choice, since grit is more aggressive than bead and "stain less" supposed to prevent iron contamination of non-ferrous items being blasted...
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    OT: Personal Data Collection badgering and popups

    Goodbye cruel world. I'll resurrect when pop-up is gone. The cookie add-ons are pointless; they just accept all cookies, so its like clicking accept all on your own.
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    ceramic bead blasting vs glass bead blasting

    Tried steel bead with 220 grit SiC and while i like the result i don't like the grittiness of SiC; it just goes everywhere as compared to steel bead. Would steel grit be closer in aggressiveness to SiC or to steel bead? I like steel bead, but would like a bit more bite.