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    DoAll Vertical Band Saw Pusher

    I have one and it is cast iron which is easier on the saw blade when you cut through what you are cutting and the blade slams into the pusher. Make up a cheap wood pattern and have a foundry pour one for you out of cast iron, even aluminum would be fine.
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    Trying to clear loft, sell OG redwood

    A friends brother-in-law bought a old winery that had a bunch of redwood tanks. It was all about 2 1/2" x 5 1/2" all clear heart about 25 -30 feet long. Had the tanks removed and the redwood was worth more than he paid for the winery and property. Another interesting thing about...
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    OT, can I convert my gas fired free standing fireplace to a manual control?

    I gave a gas fired free standing fireplace with a remote control that has failed for the second time. My luck the serial number on the stove is 000004, this is a Jotul brand of stove. The remote control brains for the stove is $600.00 and I don't want to spend that kind of money on something...
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    Air compressor recommendations for home shop

    I posted about my experience with buying a piece of junk Ingersol-Rand compressor on April 19, 2022. Lasted less than 1 month and IR wouldn't even answer their phone or return e-mails after I had purchased their extended warranty kit. Returned it to MSC for a full refund after they couldn't...
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    Webb Champ with Erickson 30? quick change issues/troubleshooting

    I would call Webb Machinery in Corona Calif. 951-277-8885. They are the distributor/importer and I bought my Webb Champ mill direct from them. They are very helpful and should be able to answer any of your questions.
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    What are the issues/concerns for extending a shaper spindle?

    If I understand right you want to extend a 3/4" spindle with a 1- 1/4" spindle extension threaded onto the 3/4"spindle. If this is your plan I would say you have your head where the sun don't shine. Especially if you are talking about a 3" or higher cutter, the forces are just too great...
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    Thinking of getting hydraulic hose crimping machine/fittings for repairing own equipment.

    I use only the reusable hose fittings and have had good luck with them. All that is needed is a couple of wrenches to assemble a hose.
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    OT: Prostate cancer, need I say more........

    I had radiation for prostate cancer about 10 years ago and now my PSA tests come back undetectable. The only down side I have had recently is having to get up during the night to go pee, sometimes as much as 6 or 7 times a night. I just saw my urologist recently and he put me on a new pill...
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    Need info on pipe threading, machine, head, etc.

    I have had the gears on a Rigid threader strip out on stainless pipe. Ended up using an adjustable die and would take 2 passes closing the die head up a bit for the last pass. Use sulpuhr cutting oil.
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    OT - Do you know a FOUNDRY that pours single wood pattern Pours?

    I have been using Sunset Foundry in Valley Springs Calif for the past 35 years. I tried other foundries before using Sunset which all turned out to be no good. They don't use any old cast iron in their pours. Their main customers are gas stove mfgs. that need to drill hundreds of holes in...
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    Carbide cutters! Endmills, chamfer mills, drills, reamers, engravers

    If you have any of the small -1/4 end mills I would like a bag.
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    o/t Anybody makeing a good pocket knife?

    I have had a Case knife for years and just bought a new one 5 months ago. Two blade and still made in the USA (at least that is what is on the blade. Holds a edge very well.
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    Ramco turret lathe information wanted

    I just picked up a Ramco turret lathe for scrap value because the owner was moving his motorcycle shop into a smaller building and didn't want to move it. model LHT-25B and am looking for any information or parts manual. Other than being very dirty and being in a shop for over 10 years and not...
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    Free Chevallier FSG-2A618 Surface Grinder

    Never mind, just saw Vista. Now to find a map to see where Vista is.
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    Free Chevallier FSG-2A618 Surface Grinder

    Where is it located in California?
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    FS Hardinge foundry patterns for the HLV-H

    I have the patterns for the Hardinge HLV-H lathe taper attachment, steady rest and indicator holder along with the taper attachment for the HLV. These are also suitable for the Feeler lathe. I have been selling the rough castings for quite a few years but don't have the time anymore to...
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    manual cutting oil in a hand pump can

    I have used the heavy black sulfur oil for years in a pump oil can with no problems.
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    Recommendations needed for small screw driver

    I had a few thousand 1-72 bolts and nuts to install that were too small for me to hold. I bought a couple of the spring loaded holders from Micro-Mark and they solved the problem. They have some with 3 and 4 springs that should work.
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    Best choice for a tapping head?

    I have several Tapmatic that I use and have been very happy with them.