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    Damaged BT30 spindle. grrr

    I have broken pull studs on these spindles before. Even with no taper damage the spindle will soon go bad. Just get a replacement spindle in preparation.
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    Looking for a new ram edm

    Ugh. I was afraid I would get that advice. We are not happy at ALL with Makino and I swore I would never buy another. Any experience with the Mitsubishi EDMs?
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    Looking for a new ram edm

    We do wire edm but not ram. I am looking for a new machine to do certain slots in hardened tooling we use in our production process. I dont know much about ram. Key things are accuracy, ease of set up and good support. Currently I have Mitsubishi and Makino wires. What does the hive suggest?
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    Need a Rockstar Machinist for Rocket Engine Components

    Add 50K I think you will need to add minimum 50K to that salary to get someone.
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    The Score of a Lifetime

    What shaper is that in the background?
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    Opinion on a Okuma Macturn 350w

    Does it have a P100 control or a P200? P200 is much more capable. As long as the machine is not high hours and whipped they are solid machines. This is of course if you are looking at a used machines. The "new" Macturns are Multus U.
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    Okuma Genos machines on sale

    Only vertical we buy now unless I need a BT30 Robodrill type Very accurate, dependable machine. P300 control is awesome. The 4th axis interface needs to be ordered with the knowledge of what your rotary will be. Big Plus is hands down better than a non Big Plus.
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    Hardinge Cobra Lathes?

    Berwyn isn’t Philly It’s on the “Main Line” as it’s called out here. Super Ritzy, old money, Mercedes and Maserati dealers on the main drag Rt30. Prep schools for the kids and high end country clubs to have dinner.
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    HEY Facing and Centering machine question

    Those are interesting........
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    HEY Facing and Centering machine question

    The pieces are 25" long. No center drilling needed. Retract lines on the OD are ok too. Its just a gripping surface for another operation.
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    HEY Facing and Centering machine question

    I need to take a 1.5" steel rounds and turn chamfers on each end. One end needs to have the OD cleaned up by about 4" long Would the HEY machines be able to do this? I can do this on a CNC lathe but am looking for a faster solution. I see that they can face and center drill......just not...
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    Shop Lights - Easy on the Eyes

    Thanks for the replies We did try some Waldmann LEDs, very expensive and not much better for the eyes. These are the general type I have been buying 150w High Bay Led Light - UFO Dimmable Low Bay Lighting Fixture (250W-400W Metal Replacement) IP65 Waterproof 5000K Daylight for Warehouse Gym...
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    Shop Lights - Easy on the Eyes

    My shop was originally set up with 4 tube T5 fluorescent lights. As I add machines I have been installing round LED Hi Bay lights that I get from Amazon. These LEDs are bright and low cost. The problem is they are "hard" on the eyes. Lots of eyestrain at the end of the day. They also seem...
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    Haas rep stopping in on wednesday

    If you get a quote from them take the time to reach out to Okuma and see what an equivalent lathe would be. We have a bunch of them and have been very happy.
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    1953 13EE Monarch FS...

    How does the new drive work? Is the auto brake still working?
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    Pull Stud Broke - Brother Spindle Trashed

    Same thing happened to one of our Brother S700s. Operator somehow ran a 3/4" end mill into the side of the part. Trying to pull that chip off just snapped the retention knob. (I don't know if this was a MariTool knob, it was about a year ago) Solution: Use TSC knobs only on smaller end mills...
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    New machine day. DMG Mori NLX.

    And I have 17 of them...................
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    Breaking into Machinist market as beginner

    The machinists who work for me make more than the engineers. All you machinists working at the poverty line PM me please. We pay 6 figures for those who can program and set up. And our corporate chef will make you breakfast and lunch every day.