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    WTB Kearney & Trecker Dividing Attachment for Rotab

    There’s a chance the index plates and sector arms from a 10-12” Model H or K dividing head might fit it. Mine is buried right now and will be a while before I can dig it out. Try looking through the K&T Vintage Machinery parts manuals and see if any of numbers match. Andy
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    OT Ford Industrial Motor Help Needed

    That 1960’s Ford 4000 tractor engine would’ve liked some lead additive once in a while. Parts are all over and cheap for that engine.
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    WTB Moore #3 Jig Bore in the North East

    Here’s 3 in Michigan. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/396775026501587/
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    Boring and Honing Machines for Sale

    I usually stay outta these things but seeing how you’re new to this….. I passed on this hone the other day because I already have one tooled from 1/4”-2-1/2” for $250. Things might be different out west but in Michigan, $150-$400 is the real world price you’re going to get for the hone.
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    I guess its time for me to start my own Home shop thread.

    I went through the same thing you’re doing. Before you start doing anything to the interior, I recommend digging around 6-8 poles to see how many are rotted out. If the poles are good, shoot the truss carriers with a laser to see how far they’re out and level as necessary. Pulling the 1960 barn...
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    WTT 14” & 16” Model “C” Pratt & Whitney relieving attachment cams & gears

    I have a box full of P&W relieving attachment gears and cams I’d like to trade. All the cams are there but one gear is missing. I need the metric gear set for a 16” P&W model “C” or the metric gear set for a 16” Pacemaker 1946 I could cannibalize them and end up with most of the gears I need...
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    WTT 12’ Camelback straight edge for a 6’.

    Perfect let’s make it happen. I’m headed out to the shop now and will PM you my info later tonight. Andy
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    Looking for older Brown and Sharpe Universal mill to run on line shaft

    Detour 30min north of Detroit and I’ll load this lathe on your trailer for $300. I’ve been trying to save it for years but it’s going to the pot. I have a small pile of Armstrong tool holders that are going with it. Andy
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    Pack Rats & Hoarders what do you save?

    I told the wife this is the 21st century and she has to accept my hoarding because I have more Neanderthal DNA in me than the average person🤷🏻‍♂️
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    WTT 12’ Camelback straight edge for a 6’.

    The sale fell through so this straight edge is up for sale again. $600 to buy or trade for a 5-6’ camelback.
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    Shortening a straight edge

    The sale fell through so this straight edge is up for sale again. $600 to buy or trade for a 5-6’ camelback.
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    WTB Sjogren 5C Speed Chuck. D1-6 Lathe mount AND Hardinge Taper Nose

    The spindle adapter is removable on the 5C Sjogren. My 5C had an L1 spindle adapter on it when I bought it. I bought a D1-6 adapter and machined it to fit. I did the same thing with my 3J. Idk if they’re different but I’ll snap a few pictures of mine so you know what to look for.
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    I guess its time for me to start my own Home shop thread.

    I moved my meter box off the house and installed a meter stand with the biggest residential service DTE would allow. Pretty sure it’s around 500amps. With the supervision and help from a friend, we did the install ourselves. We passed the Twp. inspections the first try. 200amp for the...
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    Shortening a straight edge

    No. I never heard anything from them.
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    Shortening a straight edge

    As of now the 12’ is sold pending pickup. I’ll repost if the deal falls through Andy.
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    Way OT - bat bite

    My 86yr old farmer neighbor would get 6-7 bats in the house every year until he put a new roof on last yr. He’d try to grab it before the cat got them and throw them out. They’d scratch and bite at him all the time. I told him he was crazy because of all the diseases they carry….he called me a...
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    Small bridge crane options

    Your mileage may vary but if you’re only moving a few hundred pounds 99% of the time, have you considered a Big Joe with a jib off the front? I move 12” dividing heads, vices, 16” rotary tables and 700lb tractor engines and transmissions around the shop with ease. I use it to move 12” chucks...
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    Shortening a straight edge

    Richard, I responded to your PM with my phone number and email. I thought I posted a picture of the tag. It’s made by Challenge. Andy
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    Metal Stamping/Forming - Where to Get Started, Recommended Books

    I’ve prototyped a few jobs the same way. Only have a single acting press but needed a double or triple acting press……that’s why they make 12-14” HD die clamps. Set the beads with the clamps, bolt the punch to a single acting ram and hit it. With that little part I’d use screws for the binder...
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    WTB K&T #2 or #3 horizontal milling machine

    You’ll be hard pressed to find another tricked out mill like that “IF” it had all the gears to make the Low Lead work. The (3) sets of worms/wheels are almost impossible to find now. I watched three 2K mills with all the fixings sell at the Timken auction in Indianapolis last year for $8k by the...