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    How do I machine a tapered point on small stainless steel capillaries?

    When I supplied hypo needle makers they started with a large piece of bar and drilled it through and inserted a brass bar then drew the assembly down to final size, they ground the end and dissolved the brass out with acid.
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    Machining thicker carbon fiber ring shapes

    Why not look at reinforced thermoset plastic? We call it Tufnol in the UK and there is a company of that name that produces several grades and shapes including tube. The right grade and weave should do the job, it is quite abrasive to machine and best worked with diamond tooling
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    RFQ - Vintage Carburetor Velocity Stack - Qty2

    Amal carbs were not too sophisticated and often were used on simple engines for lawn mowers and the like. The shape of these trumpets will not be too critical for satisfactory running so I would machine them from the solid. The best way would be to use a copy lathe but without one I would turn a...
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    Are these Bevel Gears DP or Metric Modules Gears, How Do I Figure This Out?

    Bevel gears have been used for hundreds of years and before Miss Gleason invented her machine, they were imperfect however they worked. I have made them on a miller by the two or three hundred cut method described and produced adequate gears, I prefer to go for 3 cuts. Remember the cut deepens...
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    making custom collets

    Guythatbrews is right, I make drawtube collets by finishing the outside dimensions leaving the outer end too long. Slit without cutting through the front extension Drill and bore the hole then counter bore the threaded end, heat treat, grind in and out, finally grind the front extension off.
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    Brass body vice

    Bronze tools are often used in coal mines
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    Physics question has divided my friends

    If you look at steam injectors you will see that the science does work, why not start with a much smaller tube than 2” i think you need to reduce the cross section of the tube to increase the velocity of the flow ( something like an hour glass shape)
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    Problems parting off large diameter aluminum

    I think you have only a few to make so economy of material is not too important, try this, turn a disc to fit over your running centre and push this up to the face of the bar, this will help a little with rigidity. dont try and part in one go, widen the groove by machining one side then the...
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    Restoring Hardinge HV-4 indexer. trying to replicate a index locking handle assebly. Need help identifying the gear... is it even a gear?

    My pinion measures .437 dia so if we are prepared to fudge things, after all this is a low speed application, 18dp gives an outside diameter of .444” for 6 teeth. I plan to try a unhardened version and experiment before making a ‘hard’ one
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    Restoring Hardinge HV-4 indexer. trying to replicate a index locking handle assebly. Need help identifying the gear... is it even a gear?

    My effort was made from silver steel (drill rod) which I heat treated and it still failed, I will try again and post my results and dimensions
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    Restoring Hardinge HV-4 indexer. trying to replicate a index locking handle assebly. Need help identifying the gear... is it even a gear?

    I have made one of these with an involute cutter, it worked ok until the teeth stripped, I put the fixture to the back of the shelf and forgot it til now. please tell me what you intend to make yours from, I will have a look at my broken pinion and post dimensions.
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    Deckel FP1 Motorproblems

    You could always get the motor rewound if the customer likes the voltage
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    Thread forming tube without deformation of OD

    Is there a chance of screwcutting most of the thread and then following through with the tap?
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    OT - Outdoor storage without rust

    Have a look at sealed outdoor car container, these are like a zip up bag and come with a single outlet that can be fitted with a dehumidifie. In the UK people keep million pound cars in them.
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    Looking for someone who can burn an .008dia hole in a .025dia gage pin.

    You could look at the process used for making hypodermic needles, they drill a blank say 1” di with a 1/2” hole, fit a brass bar inside then draw the blank down to size and dissolve the brass out with acid.
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    Fred Dibnah

    If you are interested in English eccentric gentlemen, look at Blaster Bates, he was very handy with explosives and took no prisoners
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    Breaking 1/32 end mills in 6061-T6

    50 ops then failures on almost every one, this points to the metal, all other parameters remain the same. I worked in both Ali and Brass manufacture and can assure you that even the best produces do get inclusions. The risk is greater with extrusions than rolled products. I would change the...
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    Help with CAD and small brass gear

    We are all in the dark until you share the dimension, if Boston won’t make it for you, it may be a bit oddball. there are lots of us on this forum who cut gears (including me) so one of us can probably make it for you.
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    WOT- fiberglass splinters can't be removed!

    When I was working in GF both laying up and subsequent machining, despite PPE, I got the problem mentioned by the OP, I found that the best solution was to shower in cold water to remove the loose bits then hot to open the skin pores and wash off the bits. The guys working with me found this...
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    Polygon Turning Tool

    There was a polygon tool made in the UK, I think by Brock, it was for screw machines and capstans, the single tool was driven in and out by a cam that was turned by a peg sticking out of the collet. I used one on a screw machine to make a 1/4’ square on a valve spindle