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    Help with Vintage K.O. Lee Tool & Cutter Grinder

    HELLO, this should be an easy part to make. buy a tap, if you have to, and you will not have to single point the threads. first, make a very detailed drawing, and then go at it! good luck to all wlbrown
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    Freon can core charge, extra $10.00 a can

    HELLO, 134A charge can. RURAL KING, IN WENTZVILLE, MO. $5.99+ tax. 30 lb drum $119.00 + tax. no core charge. good luck to all. wlbrown wright city,
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    Bending 1 x 3 HR bar

    HELLO, what DEGREE OF BEND? this has not entered into the conversation. but i think this is very important. good luck to all. wlbrown
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    Multi-start Threading?

    HELLO, on multistart threads, the pitch is two time faster.this is on a 2 start thread.if the pitch is 11 tpi, then the gear box must be set at 5 1/2 tpi. one some machines to cut the thread you proceed just like normal, but the thread dial is the main function.one the first pass, you close...
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    Gift ideas for older machinist?

    HELLO, how about a walmart gift card, with a thank you note. wlbrown
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    Surface finish has lines in???

    surface finish HELLO, does the machine have a feed rod, or is it driven by the lead screw? could this be from driving it on single phase power? wlbrown
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    Cincinnati shaper in Texas

    shaper for sale HELLO TO ALL, this machine appears to be a universal shaper. this makes it more useful. good luck to all. wlbrown
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    Liquefied sand deburring

    liquid deburring HELLO, if i remember correctly, it is called CROHONE. the media is in water, and it is much like sandblasting, but the media is very fine. a special gun is used to blast the parts, and this is done inside a cabinet, much like a sandblast cabinet. wlbrown
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    buying gear cutters

    HELLO, MY THANKS TO everyone that replied to my post. good luck to all. wlbrown
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    standard diameters for tapping

    standard for tapping HELLO, the tap chart gives a drill size. this is for a 75% thread. in extremely hard material, that is difficult to tap, you may not want a 75% thread. if you have a machinery hand book, there is a formula for doing a 65% thread, which may be adaquate for all practical...
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    buying gear cutters

    SIR, would you have a number for that company? thanks. wlbrown
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    buying gear cutters

    HELLO AGAIN, i did not think it necessary to give a history of what kind of gear i want to cut. i just need the name of a company. ENCO, AND MSC do not carry gear cutters anymore. thank you. wlbrown
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    buying gear cutters

    HELLO, need suggestions on the best company to buy gear cutters from. wlbrown
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    24" Cincinnati Shaper for sale

    24in shaper HELLO, a word of warning to all that operate this type of machine. NEVER, run the tool down below the opening in the casting. it will CRASH the machine. i saw this happen one time, and it was done by my boss. however i was the one who had to fix it. good luck to all. wlbrown
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    Help me with sequencing a manual lathe operation please!

    keep it cool HELLO, use a coolant, or you will get warpage, and a part that long, it is critical. good luck. wlbrown
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    Need power switch for Bridgeport Mill

    power switch HELLO, i had to replace one on my bridgeport clone. (JET) so take a deep breath when they tell you the price. mine was $187.00, and that was several years ago. good luck with your project. wlbrown
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    3MT to 1" straight shank adapter

    adapter? HELLO, you can find the MT3, but the od is 1,1/4in. which can be turned down. try KITTS INDUSTRIAL TOOLS. 800-521-6579 just try turning down the end of this item, and it might work for you. good luck to all. wlbrown
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    What's this used for?

    what is it HELLO, it is a gage for measuring the depth of a V notch on charpy specimens. good luck to all. wlbrown
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    Need schooled on this vacuum pump

    vacuum pump HELLO, if i am not mistaken, there is a procedure for starting, and stopping this pump, and must be followed to the letter. otherwise the oil can migrate out of the pump. i think the valve must be open when the pump is started, then closed. anybody agree with me on this? it has...
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    Help finding a small-job machine shop

    Location HELLO, you still have not told us, exactly where in missouri you are located! wlbrown