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  1. J

    OT: Diabetes awareness, what would you do?

    I am one of those who was pre-diabetic and decided to try my best to avoid simple carbs and sugar. I also stopped taking cholesterol medication which I was on for many years because studies indicate it increases the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. After several years of making this...
  2. J

    Dykem Blue changing color?

    Had the same thing happen to me with 2 different containers (blue). Shaking/stirring helped as it seemed the solids settled to the bottom, but the color was never as dark as when I first opened the containers.
  3. J

    Total noob here, how do I use a VFD to run my 1HP, 3ph motor on 2ph or possibly 1ph power?

    I don't believe it's a problem cutting line power to the VFD from either a switch or plug. The issue is using a switch between the VFD output to the motor. You can use the manual switch on the machine but it needs to be wired to the low voltage outputs on the VFD specifically designed for...
  4. J

    First post, first lathe, first Monarch

    Does your replacement motor setup still have the back gears intact? Congrats!
  5. J

    New Trav-a-dial ?

    Not my experience either. I have one on my lathe, it works very well.
  6. J

    OT: Anyone order from mrosupply.com?

    Or, a gift card for the entire cost of the product he purchased from a different vendor. Not sure but either way, the COO's gesture seems to be a valid attempt to satisfy the original poster.
  7. J

    OT: Anyone order from mrosupply.com?

    I'm reading this as the gift card was to reimburse him for the cost of what he bought from another vendor. They could not issue a refund to his credit card.
  8. J

    OT: Personal Data Collection badgering and popups

    Annoying to say the least...
  9. J

    Power feed recomendation

    I have a couple of the cheap ones mounted on my Bridgeport. They have and continue to work well. I never owned a Servo brand unit so I can't really compare but my cheapos have served me well.
  10. J

    Mori Seiki clones

    I own a 1970’s era Webb/Whacheon 17x40 machine and it’s a great lathe as others have said. I have heard Lion lathes from Europe are good machines but I don’t have first hand knowledge. I have seen a couple of guys on YouTube use them and one of the big reasons they opted for them aside from...
  11. J

    Ratchet quill handle for my Bridgeport.

    I was given one of those steering wheel type wheels for the quill on my BP. I wasn’t sure I’d like it but after a few weeks of use, I find it quite convenient to use, more so than the stock BP quill handle.
  12. J

    Way oil - what is the magic of Vactra

    I use Sunoco 1180 Waylube and actually like it better than the Vactra #2 that I used previously. Purchased other Sunoco oils for use in my 10EE and they too have been great alternatives to the more expensive Mobil products. I purchased them from Petroleum Service Company in 5 gallon...
  13. J

    Webb/Whacheon WL-435 Lathe

    Sent the pdf versions I have of this manual to your email address. Cheers
  14. J

    Walmart moron.

    Without going into too much detail I have been carrying for more than 40 years. Strictly from a tactical perspective, it's silly to show your hand by openly carrying your weapon. Now, I understand in some states that's the only way you are permitted to do so but not here in the northeast...
  15. J

    FS: metric Mitutoyo calipers, micrometers and DTIs, plus mag bases, Shore D durometer tester and a bunch of other stuff

    I sent a member a check in an envelope via first class mail about a week ago and he still hasn't received it. Serenity Now :-)
  16. J

    Rivett 1020S For Sale

    From the photos, it looks like a very nice lathe. I am happy with my recent purchase of a Monarch 10EE but wish it had a taper attachment. I have 4 lathes and not a single one has a taper attachment.
  17. J

    FS: metric Mitutoyo calipers, micrometers and DTIs, plus mag bases, Shore D durometer tester and a bunch of other stuff

    I never realized that the digital calipers and micrometers come in metric only models. I'm so accustomed to them being able to be switched between inch and metric.
  18. J

    What is the in Internal Spindle Taper on a Whacheon WL-435 17"x40" Lathe with A1-6 Spindle?

    Thanks Ross, I am leaning towards exactly this. Thank you for taking the time to write, I appreciate it. Joe