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  1. DouglasJRizzo

    Anyone want to buy this damn okuma genos off me?

    For years, Cadillac had the "Series 62" later renamed "Calais." It was the entry level car.
  2. DouglasJRizzo

    What Is Your LEAST Favorite Tool

    Generally, any conventional (manual) machine tool. I learned this business backwards, starting with NC/CNC first. When I went onto conventional mills and lathes, I just never felt comfortable. I never really trust them.
  3. DouglasJRizzo

    How to determine rigid tapping is available

    I would strongly advise against inputting codes willy-nilly into the control. This could trigger all kinds of unwanted operation/conditions that may be hard to back out of as you don't really know what you did. Call KIA and give them the serial # and control model. Anything else, you're asking...
  4. DouglasJRizzo

    Valinite tools

    I didn't know that. Thanks!
  5. DouglasJRizzo

    Fanuc 18i OD taper groove programming advice wanted

    I noticed a rapid (G0) move while comp was still on. I usually don't do that. As much as I use Fanuc cutter comp, this may be one of those times where you're better off not.
  6. DouglasJRizzo

    Is spindle taper warming with HP TSC normal?

    Many times, using HP coolant will increase temps with or without high RPMs.
  7. DouglasJRizzo

    Valinite tools

    Valenite left the tool business a long time ago. Possibly check Ebay? Those inserts look like they may fit other tools, so perhaps something will interchange?
  8. DouglasJRizzo

    Rancid Coolant

    WS-5050 is decent coolant. But you need some TLC on it (or any coolant, really). I use an aquarium bubbler on a timer. At night, when machines are down, the bubbler turns on. The oxygenation kills the anaerobic bacteria that's growing in the coolant. MSC, Travers, and a few others sell sump...
  9. DouglasJRizzo

    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    My Caddy-lack is a bit more somber.
  10. DouglasJRizzo

    Best CNC Cylindrical Grinders

    I'd say Okuma and Studer off the top of my head. Maybe Hardinge/Kellenberger too.
  11. DouglasJRizzo

    Kitagawa 10 inch draw tube key dimension

    Also dependent on the chuck model, as some have a larger bore than others.
  12. DouglasJRizzo

    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    All of my CNC machine tools are Reagan era. All of them hold size and function just as they did when I took them out of the box. I see no reason to junk/replace them. Parts and electronics are available and accessories are as well. Sure, I'd love a new Okuma or Mori, but the old ones are holding...
  13. DouglasJRizzo

    Way WAY OT...time to buy a new car...recommendations?

    I bought a 2021 Mitsu Mirage, brand new in the summer of '21 with 5 miles on it. I'm just turning 120k on the clock. No issues. Just tires and oil changes. It's not fast. It's not pretty. It works. A/C and a Stereo were my only requirements, and it had a little more than that but not much...
  14. DouglasJRizzo

    What is the most enjoyable field of CNC to you?

    I know no other way. I've been machining parts since I ran a drill press at age 6. I love what I do. I love to make things. Programming. Set up. Production. Metrology. CAD. CAM. Macros. When I worked for Doosan/DN the most rewarding part was showing other folk how to make money with their new...
  15. DouglasJRizzo

    Lathe control in 2024 with nothing but Workshift offsets ...

    @SeymourDumore If the Work Coordinate System and Tool Offsets are not there, they can be field installed on a Fanuc/Mitsu CNC. Might cost a few dollars but it can be done. Having spent a number of years on the MTB side of things, I can tell you that most Fanuc/Mits CNCs are sold/shipped as a...
  16. DouglasJRizzo

    Not a Robodrill guy. Can you educate me on older Robodrills?

    Local shop has three of them, all with 31i controls and he likes them a lot. Obviously not a heavy hogging machine, but for light milling and drill/tap, very capable.
  17. DouglasJRizzo

    Fanuc Macro B Program Archive

    Very cool!
  18. DouglasJRizzo

    Warner swasey.

    @Machine Bauer I think there's a W&S section here on the site. Maybe some alumni know?
  19. DouglasJRizzo

    Matsuura Macro Program - i80 Tool Sensor

    @shas595 Even tho the Yasnac i80 is out of production, wouldn't Matsuura have the macros?