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  1. JRIowa

    Bridgeport Mill, need help in order to eventually sell it.

    What you have is an old J head machine with an 8F power feed. Also has a BP vise (not that desirable. Serial number will be at front of knee, that will let you know how old. Go here and read this, every thing you need right now. JR
  2. JRIowa

    Bridgeport Sine Plate

    Saeth, Please refrain from hitting the "Enter" at the end of every sentace. Its' a lot easier to read it you use a period and go on. JR
  3. JRIowa

    Considering an Acra 10x54 Mill

    Grizzly must have moved. Looked on the site, nothing about them made in Taiwanm, Grizzly brings them in from china with the south bend badge on them. Most of the other machines in that size range are NMTB40 and 5HP. JR
  4. JRIowa

    Considering an Acra 10x54 Mill

    https://www.practicalmachinist.com/vb/general/willis-1250ii-i-want-your-thoughts-355602/ JR
  5. JRIowa

    Problem with tool change vmc-1020

    If you would have looked at the OPs profile, you would have seen that he hasn't had any activity in 7 years. And then, it was just the 2 posts here. JR
  6. JRIowa

    Willis 1250II, I want your thoughts

    A Chinese made knee mill. 40mt spindle so budget for all new tooling. Probably should order with DROs if your newbies. Hell, might as well get power feed also. A Victor is a JF-5VS A Sharp is a TMV-1 An Acer is an E-mill 5VK Get some quotes from the others it's a very competative market. JR
  7. JRIowa

    Help with trouble shooting my bridgeport mill

    I know that this will come as a surprise, but there is a Bridgeport forum. Pictures. There are so many things that you could be doing wrong, with out pictures or being there, everybody is just guessing. JR
  8. JRIowa

    best material for custom bandsaw blade guides

    O-1, Just buy some drill rod and be done with it. That's what I used for my Powermatic. JR
  9. JRIowa

    1960's BP Power Feed motor dead. Source for another one

    Why single phase? Get a 3 phase motor and a 110~220 phase convertor which will also give you -25/+30 % speed control for about $100. HR
  10. JRIowa

    Bridgeport Rigid Head/Boss Head Tram

    You've made a lot of "assumptions". 1. IMHO, your method of tramming sucks. I hate those types of aids and find them to me in error most of the time. 2. Your head might by fine, it's the knee that's off. 3. Did you check the quill for play the last time you had a crash? This is the best head...
  11. JRIowa

    Please identify this knurl..

    Boy do you have an attitude for engineers. Maybe you should try it sometime. Making shit from a drawing is usually easier than designing it. Packaging equipment is the worst. JR
  12. JRIowa

    Please identify this knurl..

    I wouldn't call it a knurl. Hard to say without knowing what it's used for. If you're looking at having one made, it's expensive. 420 stainles is usually heat treated, no heat treat specs. No finish specs anywhere. If it has to be ground, the price just went up. No tolerance shown. Don't...
  13. JRIowa

    1960's BP Power Feed motor dead. Source for another one

    That was almost 30 years ago. I'm just an old retired fart now. The last piece of equipment I bought was a well used Powermetic vertical band saw. $400 if you must know. I did sell my big Miller wire feed. As for the OP, if the motor was mine, I'd be looking at different shops or trade...
  14. JRIowa

    Hardinge stuff for sale ~ lost post

    Someone posted some parts for a Hardinge lathe for sale on the 19th. I "moved" the post to the "Machinery for sale or wanted". The post looked fine, but when I came back to the BP forum, there was no re-direct. I went back to look at the moved post and it wasn't there. I am truely sorry for...
  15. JRIowa

    Buying Used Cincinnati #2 Horizontal Mill

    You'd need at least an 8" dia insert cutter to get close to the right surface footage. There goes another $1K. That and a plain bearing machine. If you got it for free, you could sell for scrap and almost break even. Walk, no,run away from that one. JR
  16. JRIowa

    spring steel wire / music wire

    Damn steel peckers. The outside of my shop is vinyl & concrete. I turn the music up and can't here all of the peckers out there. JR
  17. JRIowa

    1960's BP Power Feed motor dead. Source for another one

    We don't all have your money Bill. Last I looked, a new Servo with the adaptors is north of $1K. I'd keep looking at motor shops or a working 3phase motor on ebone. But then, I'm poor. JR
  18. JRIowa

    1960's BP Power Feed motor dead. Source for another one

    Rewinding a fractional HP motor can be a DIY project. We were doing in high school. Probably 8 hours work and it's not rocket surgery. JR
  19. JRIowa

    Bridgeport 6F B help needed.

    Did you PM Jon as requested? JR
  20. JRIowa

    Bridgeport 6F B help needed.

    Let's see you post on a Sunday and want an answer now! Nobody here lost your phone or waited several months to work on it. Lighten up a little, some of these people, like me, don't spend their entire weekend on the PM board. If you give these guys a chance, you'll get the best answers...